10 Spiritual Movies To Watch Tonight

Gautam Buddha once said, ‘We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think.

As we grow old, we learn to value this message and realize that the true purpose of life is not earning money, buying a big house, or vacationing inexpensive locations.

There are some movies on spirituality that can help us understand what the true meaning of life is.

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Here they are: 

1: 10 Questions For The Dalai Lama

Rick Ray visits the East Indian Monastery where Dalai Lama resides to ask him 10 questions on life and philosophies.

This movie is part philosophy, part biography, part politics, and part adventure.

As you watch this movie, you’ll discover the bigger secrets of life that will be much more valuable than the practical concerns. 

2: The Five People You Meet In Heaven

This 2003 movie is based on a novel written by Mitch Alcom. 

It shows the life and death of Eddie, who dies in an amusement park accident and is sent to heaven.

Here, he must meet five people who’ll help him resolve his dilemma and get him out of the limbo where he’s trapped. 

3: Samsara

This movie is more like a documentary where you’ll get to see the religious beliefs of people across the world.

A total of 25 countries are shot in this movie, and if you keep watching it, you’ll soon realize the importance of life and impermanence.

It will show you how humans play a role in destruction and harmony together. 

4: Dying To Know

The film shows the life of two Harvard professors who managed to change the mindset of people in that era.

Richard Alpert and Timothy Leary try to break people’s consciousness as they experiment with psychedelics. But, they get fired from Harvard soon after.

It is a film where you can hear two friends conversing about life, death, love, and friendship.

5: Happy

Roko Belic is a filmmaker who travels to 12 countries to know the meaning of happiness.

He interviews a series of people from the slums of Kolkata to the swamps of Lousiana to find different perspectives on being happy.

The scientific conclusion and emotional responses of the interviewees make this movie worth watching.

6: The Secret

‘That which you seek, seeks you.’

This law of attraction is founded on the principle that one must have faith, expectancy, and belief if one wishes to live a happy and prosperous life.

It is a good step towards manifesting the secret of a happy life so that you can add this movie to your watchlist. 

7: Conversations With God

Neale Donald Walsch is unemployed, homeless, and suffering from a debilitating injury.

He is frustrated with his life when he has to sell aluminum cans to stay alive, and at that moment, he gets a spiritual awakening and converses with the Almighty.

He turns these conversations into a book and becomes the best-selling author of a book with 28 volumes. 

8: The Celestine Prophecy

The ultimate objective of this movie is to trust the universe, and the essence of a truly spiritual movie comes through.

The protagonist finds himself in Peru through a series of coincidences and seeks the Celestine Prophecy.

The prophecy and its 9 key insights aim to redefine human life in a new way and show a glimpse of the spiritual culture on Earth.

9: Awake

This is the story of Paramahansa Yogananda, who shares his struggles in life and finds enlightenment in human life.

He shares his story with his followers in the West and teaches them the value of meditation and Yoga.

The film traces back to 1920, but his teachings are still relevant to the contemporary audience of the modern era. 

10: Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene was a free-spirited woman who dared to escape her house to avoid an arranged marriage in an era when women were supposed to stay at home and listen to what men told them to do.

This is a Biblical drama that follows the devotion of Mary Magdalene toward Jesus, and you see all of his sacrifice, love, and compassion for his followers through her eyes.

Mary broke stereotypes when she decided to be the sole woman in Jesus’s tribe, which makes this movie a must-watch.

Concluding Thoughts

The secret of life is unknown. 

Over the years, many people have come and gone who have left some relevant messages about a happy and peaceful life.

These films are the renditions of those beliefs and philosophies, and they can help you make peace with your troubles and dilemma.

So, watch them now.

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