5 Things To Look At When Downloading Games From The Internet

Downloading games from the internet is like an addiction. 

The more you play, the better skilled you become, and who to say, you can even be one of the champions of online gaming soon?

However, your downloading adventures will include the customary dance around occasionally suspicious-looking websites, followed by the knot in your gut that you could be downloading a terrible piece of malware.

Is it safe to download and install these games from the internet? 

Of course, they are. 

However, sometimes a little common sense combined with a dash of rare knowledge is required to get the greatest and safest results.

What Are The Things To Look At When Downloading Games From The Internet?

You can download all the games you want from ipiratebay.org, but you must look at a few factors before you do them. Unless you check these factors, you might be downloading a game filled with malware threats, which will disrupt your machine.

Let’s take a look at these factors:

1: Check The Website Address

Before downloading a game from a website, double-check the URL.

Look for HTTPS at the beginning of the address or a lock symbol in cases where your browser does not always show the hypertext transfer protocol. 

Websites using an HTTPS or lock sign use SSL/TLS encryption and have acquired a certificate to prove it.

This implies they are, for the most part, significantly more challenging to hack. 

The games you download from those sites are significantly less likely to have been hijacked, thereby posing fewer security risks. 

Websites that do not use SSL/TLS encryption or do not have the necessary certifications to indicate they use that form of security cannot promise you anything, even if they claim to.

2: Use Antivirus Software

Active virus and malware scanners are nearly impossible to replace. 

They can not only analyze your files before you install them, but many can even prohibit you from downloading files that contain viruses and malware. 

This is a gift to you and one of your finest defenses against such things.

As we discovered, there are decent antivirus software and malware scanners available for as little as $20 a year if you are on a limited budget.

If you use Windows, you should also consider activating Windows Defender. 

Microsoft’s built-in active malware scanner is Windows Defender, and if you attempt to download any game filled with malware threats, this scanner will vigorously block you.

3: Check The Downloading Link

The download URL you see on this page is the one you need. 

There are no misleading adverts directing your attention in other ways to fool you into clicking a link and downloading a file you don’t want. 

You may find the download link by hovering over what seems to be the download and then looking at the bottom of your browser. 

Many individuals will, without thinking, click the first link that appears to be the correct download button. 

If you click on such a link, you may wind yourself downloading unwanted software or viruses. 

When you hover over a gaming link on some websites, the actual URL may not appear, but you can still copy and paste the link into your address bar to see what it says.

4: Always Choose The Custom Installation Process

Many games will have several installation choices. 

Instead of selecting the “Quick” installation option, select the “Custom” option. 

This allows you to pick and choose which features to install. 

You may discover that certain types of games are packaged with extra software that you do not want, which may be malware. 

When performing a “Custom” installation, go through the list of options and uncheck everything you don’t want.

This will give you the flexibility to choose a gaming file that you want, and if you don’t want to download the extra stuff, just don’t. The custom installation process guarantees you this flexibility.

5: Learn About The Game Developer

Before installing a game, learn more about the developer. The developer is the company that provides the app to the customer.

Many websites provide a link to the vendor’s website. 

If there is no link or is broken, check them up in a search engine. 

It is the responsibility of the consumer to perform their research. Game developers with a good reputation are not that challenging to find. 

Once you find the developer, check if the website is professional or not, if they have any privacy policy, or if they have any easy way to contact them. 

If you get to contact them, it means the game developer is a trusted source, so downloading the game will not be a risk.

Signing Off

We have taught you the best ways to check a game’s authenticity before downloading it from the internet. However, we are optimistic that none of you bothered to apply all these steps, which resulted in some rash decisions.

Therefore, if you want to download games from the internet safely, make sure you go through all these steps.

If you want to know more about it, ask us in the comment section below.

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