A Beginners Guide To Counter-Strike 1.6

Counter strike 1.6 is formally known as a half-life counter strike. For the counter strike 1.6, the players have to pay money. They either have to purchase the retail box along with a cd key, or the players have to buy it directly from the store. 

Counter strike 1.6 is considered the most competitive counter-strike ever. Players love to play and compete in this game. It has two teams. One is a terrorist, and the other one is a counter-terrorist. Both the teams have to perform their specific tasks. The task of team terrorists is different from the counter-terrorist. You can download CS 1.6 here.

Options That Beginner Should Know in Counter Strike

At the start, you have some options in front of you. These options include;

  • Find Servers: By clicking on this option, you find servers to play with. After this, you have different servers. If you find a random server, then never join it. You might get a virus in the end. There is also a tab for favorites or friends. At this tab, you can see your favorite servers. 
  • New Game: By clicking on this button, you can create your server. You can do many settings and add them to your server. 
  • Options: This portion is for adjusting the settings of the game. You can adjust different things like video and sound quality, resolution, and other preferences. 
  • Quit: The quit button is for leaving the game.

Default Controls in Counter Strike 1.6

The default controls for counter-strike include;

  • B is for the buy menu. B is the entry point for buying different menus. 
  • M is for the select team. If you press M, you can change sides. You will die and then wait for the next round. 
  • G is for dropping the current weapon. For picking up the weapon and dropping first, you can press G. 
  • Z is for radio messages. It gives you the list of standard radio commands. 
  • X is for group radio messages.
  • Press C for the list of reporting radio commands. 
  • For moving forward, use W or up arrow and down arrow or S for moving backward. 
  • D is for moving right, and A is for moving left. 
  • Use Spacebar for jump and CTRL for Duck. For walking, use SHIFT.

Characters In Terrorist Team

Some characters that are involved in terrorist teams include;

  • Arctic Avengers: Famous for their bombing. 
  • Elite Crew: It is based on the idea of world domination and other evil deeds. 
  • Phoenix Connection: It is considered the most feared terrorist group. Kill anyone that comes in their way. 
  • Guerrilla Warfare: Guerrilla Warfare is famous for its ruthlessness. 

Characters in Counterterrorist Team

  • SEAL Team 6: Protect the people from terrorism. 
  • GSG-9: Help to save the people from different tragic events. 
  • SAS: They gather intelligence behind the lines of the enemy. 

GIGN: It is a fast response force that reacts to the incident of terrorists on a large scale. 

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