A Guide On Warforged 5E Dungeons And Dragons

This article is going to be about one such troop that is unlockable in the game. The troop that we are going to do a detailed discussion about today is the Warforged 5e Dungeons and Dragons.

Dungeons and Dragons is a very unique game where players all around the world compete with each other. This is a game based on strategy and the one with the best strategy wins.

The game is in a totally virtual world where players have to unlock different kinds of troops which are having different abilities of their own and build an army depending on and strategizing around the troops available.

So, we suggest you not skip any part of the article as you might miss some very important little details that might cost you on the battlefield.

What is the Warforged 5e?

In the beginning, it was only created to be the muscles on the battlefield in the first war.

But as time passed it was seen that just giving them power is not enough for these special troops to be effective in winning the war, due to this realization House Cannith started to spend an incredibly vast amount of resources in order to improve this very powerful troop made out of steel.

A lot of times the process failed but a totally unpredictable and unexpected breakthrough occurred.

This unexpected breakthrough occurred after blending a lot of organic and inorganic materials and because of this, these dumb and powerful soldiers turned into completely sentient troops who can think and feel like human beings.

What is the Warforged 5e like after the breakthrough?

The materials that the D&D 5e Warforged are made up of are still the same that is they are made up of steel and wood.

But their behavior and the way they are wired mentally have changed a lot. They can now think totally like humans and feel the emotional happiness and emotional pain that we all go through.

As a result, they are now the creatures who are trying to find a new purpose, a purpose that is not related to any kind of war. A way to live in the world normally beyond the horrors of war.

They have a very unique ability and that is they can easily turn themselves into something less of a human. This version can also be called the unearthed arcana Warforged 5e.

The Warforged can become a very good ally and will be there for you whenever you need them. In order to help his ally that is you, they can turn into a totally cold-hearted and psychopathic killing machine.

In the game, they are seen as visionaries who are looking for a new purpose for themselves to carry on their own life.

Warforged 5e features

warforged 5e

There are many different kinds of 5e. But all of these different kinds have some features generally common to all which makes them fall into the category of the Warforged.

We are going to give the details of these general features possessed by every Warforged type in front of you.

Ability score getting increased

This is a very special feature as it helps you to have an advantage on the battlefield. A Warforged helps you that the Warforged feats by increasing their constitution score by 2 and another ability of your choice by 1. This little increase in the scores might totally seem vague.

But actually, it has proved to be a game-changing factor and also a last-moment game decider in many battles that have happened between the players of Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition.

The average age

Most of the time it is seen that an average Warforged is between the age of two years old to thirty years old.

The maximum life span of a Warforged is still to be discovered because there is no damage caused to a Warforged because of its increasing age.

As if they have an age-resisting ability that helps them to resist the bad effects of aging. This is one of the factors that make players conifer that Warforged are the best troops and are indestructible.

Size of your Warforged 5e

The size of this particular troop is medium. The height and weight of the troop depend from time to time though because it is set by the players.

There is a size modifier available to each player which they have to shuffle in order to set the height and weight of their troop. The size modifier is a dice that has the highest value of 2d6.

Whatever value comes on the size modifier after you randomly roll it, depending on that the height and weight of the troop are set with particular calculations.

The calculations according to which the height and weight are set are 1) Height- 5 feet + 10 inches + the value that has come after you rolled your size modifier (in inches), 2) Weigh in Pounds- 270 + The value that has come after you rolled your size modifier multiplied by 4.

Speed of the Warforged

warforged 5e

The base walking speed of this extremely powerful troop made of wood and steel is 30 feet for each step.

This basically means that it covers a total of 30 feet by taking one step. This can be increased with the different upgrades that the players can do in the game.

Construction resilience of the Warforged 5e

These troops are extremely special and are considered to be the best in the game even by the best players in the world there is a reason behind it and only a part of that reason is their amazing construction resilience ability.

They have a huge advantage and can save any kind of throw, they can save themselves from poison attacks, and also magical poison spells cannot cause damage to these creatures.

They do not have to eat, drink, and breathe to stay alive, no disease can affect these troops, and also sleep is not required at all and magical spells can also not put them to sleep.

Sentry’s rest

Your Warforged troop does not sleep much but when it does it is called the sentry’s rest. While taking this rest they will be in an inactive state for over six hours of period motionless and only then will the rest serve its full potential.

In this state of rest, your troop is not actually sleeping but is actually in an inert step where it is motionless but actually conscious.

It is able to hear and see things happening around it as it always does but it will not react to any of it because it is resting.

Integrated protection

The body of the Warforged 5e has several layers of protection or you can say defensive layers.

All of these defensive layers can be achieved by different upgrades available for you and by the Armor that you can attach or remove from the body of your troop according to your requirement.

The result is that the troops you possess will get a plus 1 bonus to your Armor class which is extremely helpful on the battlefield and has the potential to make a big difference.

The process of attaching the armor to the body is simple but complicated too as you cannot move and have to stay motionless while the process is going on.

All of these features mentioned above are also coming under the category of Warforged subraces. But it is important to mention that these are not all traits.

The troop is so special that it has a lot of special traits possessed that we are going to talk about next in the content.

Enforcing traits of Warforged 5e

warforged 5e

In the beginning, only we mentioned and you might as well remember that the first-ever Warrforged race 5e was created to be a weapon of destruction in wars on the battlefield. To serve this purpose they were given some very special abilities with which they can enforce a large army and dominate the enemies.

These traits are very important as they can turn the tables on the battlefield if used properly. At the end of the day, it is all about strategy and on using these special enforcing Warforged 5e stats to their full potential it becomes really difficult for your enemy to even stand their ground on the battlefield against you and your army.

So, these enforcing traits of the Warforged names are as follows:

  • The strength score of your Warforged increases by two points. This will help you immensely on the battlefield because when the number of troops is the same or even in a one v one battle, you will be having the advantage of higher strength and you will simply win the battle at that moment. Even when the enemies have a few more troops this plus two in your Strength score increases your chances of making the enemy fall hard on their knees in front of you.
  • Another very impactful trait that the Warforged troops have are their clawed-like limbs. With the help of these clawed limbs that they possess, they can climb a stiff terrain at a higher speed that is to be specifically a speed of 30 feet. With the help of these claws, it will also help your Warforged troop to destroy one v one enemy in just two to three strikes giving you a great advantage on the battlefield. Most of the time this is more effective when used by the Juggernaut.
  • Another incredible trait is the underwater awareness that the Warforged has. These troops while underwater can shut down their visual receptors and then activate their blindsight which ranges for about a maximum of 60 feet underwater and the total time it can be activated is 10 minutes. This will give you a high advantage in the battles that are fought underwater as your enemies will not have a clear vision but your Warforged troops have a very high range of blindsight.
  • Another advantage that you have when fighting underwater is the inbuilt weapon of your Warforged troop. The fins that you use for swimming under the water are the same thing that is used as weapons. The fins are very sharp-like blades and are capable of causing immense damage to your enemy even with a slight touch of it. As the other troops have to use hand combat under the water so it is really a great advantage if you can just use weapons instead of hands as you will be able to reach the opponent from a distance that your opponents cannot.


This is all the information that you need to know about the Warforged 5e. Just remember that when used to its full potential and the strategy is great then it becomes nearly impossible for your enemy to stand the ground against you on the battlefield.

You will learn how to do that with time and that is the best thing about this game.


What troops can be converted into Warforged 5e?

Each and every troop that you have unlocked can be converted into this version you can have Warforged wizard 5e, Warforged cleric 5e and also Eberron 5e. These are the more powerful versions of the normal ones and that is why it is extremely special.

What are the things that Warforged 5e is made of?

Warforged build is very interesting they are made up of steel and wood and this makes them very powerful on the battlefield as it takes the enemy to hit a lot of strikes to destroy these troops of yours.

What was the purpose of making Warforged 5e at first?

In the beginning, the Warforged homebrew was done so that it can be used as a weapon of destruction on the battlefield.
Later they were upgraded so that they can have emotions and thinking patterns too but the main purpose was for them to be an extremely powerful weapon during the war on the battlefield.

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