A Perfect Guide On 5E Tools And Their Uses

Dungeons and Dragons have hit the gaming world in a very unique and different way. It keeps players interested and the setup of the game makes players want to go ahead in the game. Are you too interested in this game?  

They want to improve at the game and this has led to the huge fan following that this game has in today’s world.

The fantasy world in which the game is set up might be over the top but is really interesting with different elements like the 5e tools, spells, and troops and many more things like special weapons, special classes, and different abilities.

With each of these comes a lot of creative input from the players and they can showcase their creativity on the battlefield by using their unique strategy of play.

The world in which the game is set up is where all the interesting things lie. The game is so rich in the inside concept that creators do not have to always introduce huge updates which would alter the gameplay of the game.

Players have to spend a lot of time mastering the art of battle in the game. There are certain things though which would help you understand the game more.

Knowing those things will surely help you be a good player in the game. That is why we have brought into consideration that we should discuss one of the most used things in the game.

These tools are some of the most important things and the content will be covering everything about them.

So, without keeping you waiting anymore, let’s start with what are tools.

What are tools?

Thes tools in itself is a very big concept and there is a lot of variety of tools. The basic definition of tools in the game is important because many players seem to struggle with specifically defining what tools actually are in the game.

Basically, tools are the objects or instruments that can be used in the game in order to perform a specific job that could not be done otherwise.

The DND 5e tools can be used to craft a particular weapon or repair a particular weapon. Not just weapons though tools can be used to carry or repair anything in the game.

You can also pick different locks of treasure chests found while playing the game.

Each tool has a special purpose and special functionalities to be used for something. This you have already understood we guess but there is one more thing that will have you use the tools to their full potential.

Each tool has a proficiency bonus allotted for a particular class when used by that class. By that, we mean that when a tool is used by the class who has the most efficiency in the job then you will get bonus proficiency points for yourself.

The tools 5e proficiency does not mean that it can only be used by one class but it actually adds a layer in the game where a certain class will get the advantage of they are doing the job with proficiency on their side and the other not having that.

The different categories of 5e tools

5e tools

In this segment, we are not going to talk about a particular or single tool but the different categories of 5e tools that will be covered. Keep in mind that only knowing the categories will give you a superficial idea about the tools.

After talking about all the categories and giving a brief about them we are going to talk about the different tools under each of the categories stating the weight and cost of each of the tools.

That will be the proper these tools list but let us first discover what the different categories are and what each category is actually about.

Artisan tools 5e

The artisan tools 5e are the most important type of tools in the game Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition.

This specific category contains the tools which can be used by players in order to craft or repair a certain thing with the bits of help of the presence of certain other things.

The different tools under this category have their own unique proficiency of themselves.

So before crafting or repairing something with the help of a tool under the artisan category you should make use of the proficiency available for each of the tools. Because each and everyone has a separate proficiency of its own.

Disguise kit tools 5e

Just by the name of the category you can understand what is the purpose of the set of tools under this category. There are pouches of hair dyes, cosmetics, and other small things or you can say props.

This will help you to change your physical appearance and disguise yourself into something that won’t let the enemy understand that it is you under the makeup helping you to be safe from the enemy.

Same as the previous category the proficiency bonus should be kept in mind for the tools to be used the most effectively.

Forgery Kit tools 5e

5e tools

This kit of 5e tools consists of important papers and parchments. Not just papers and parchments though it also contains gold and silver made leaves and some contain sealing wax and seals. Some more common ones found are the presence of inks and pens.

There are also things other than the ones we have mentioned all the things are necessary to make an impressive forgery of a very important physical document in the game.

The process of getting the proficiency bonus from this kit is the same as the other one that we have mentioned in the above categories.

Gaming set tools 5e

This set of gaming set tools is required to participate and compete in the game the world of Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition.

These are set of cards and decks that the players have to collect to play the games available inside the game such as the Three Dragon Ante.

Each type of game requires a different set of decks and cards to be used and due to this, you can already understand that each gaming set has a separate set of proficiency in itself.

Herbalism kit tools 5e

In this category, there are a lot of things that fall in. The contents of the kit majorly consist of the things that are mainly used by herbalists in the game for creating different remedies and potions which has different effect of their own.

You can create your own unique kind of potion with the help of the materials in this kit and that is really interesting. The available things are pestles, mortars, clippers, some pouches, and also some vials.

All of the things that are used by the herbalists in the world of the game. Proficiency works the same way as it did in the other categories.

Musical instrument tools 5e

5e tools

The things under this category are different musical instrument as the name of the category suggest.

So, the different ones available will be discussed later when we will be mentioning the different categories with the instruments mentioned separately.

These instruments can be used by guards of a specific class of troops to cast different spells.

Navigator’s Tools 5e

The navigator’s tool 5e is used for navigation in the sea. It is sometimes hard to go to the place you want to go in the game may be to find a treasure or to find the piece of a map to a treasure you might have to travel through the sea.

That is the moment when this navigator’s tool 5e comes into play. The price of these tools is around 25 GP and weighs around 2 pounds.

Poisoner’s kit tools 5e

This is the category under which some pouches and vials are present. These vials are pouches are not the same as what was present in the herbalism kit. These vials and pouches are the ones that have the poisonous ability.

With the help of these poisons can be made. These poisonous are made in the form of potions that you can use against your enemy on the battlefield.

Thieves’ tools 5e

This set of thieves’ tools 5e includes the presence of a small file, some lock-picking instruments of different patterns, and a small mirror which is set on a metal handle which is also referred to by many players as the 5e tools mirrors.

These tools are extremely useful in case of someone trying to do a treasure hunt and they can get all the rewards that are present the way in locked chests. Not having these tools will cause a lot of misses on big rewards that you could get.

A set of narrow-bladed scissors is also present as also some pliers. These are the basics available. The price of these tools is around 25 GP and weighs around 2 pounds.

All the categories mentioned are the main ones. These are extremely important to know about and also you need to know about the proficiency bonus points for each of the 5e races and the tools will be mentioned in the nectar segments.

The artisan tools 5e

The different artisan tools 5e are as follows:

Alchemist supplies

The alchemist tools 5e are used to craft a spell for you to use on the battlefield. The cost of these supplies is mainly around 50 GP and the weight of the supplies is around 8 pounds. This tool is so very good for every reason in this game.

Any player can use the Alchemist tool during the time of buying or doing any chemical recreation. Players mainly use this tool to do any kind of experiment and chemical reaction.

The Glassblower’s tools 5e

5e tools

A glassblower in the game is classified as someone who has high knowledge of glass-making techniques.

They can examine objects made out of the object, and what came in context with the object. Mainly examining the objects you find in treasure.

The tools included a small marver, blocks, a blowpipe, and tweezers. The price of these tools is 30 GP and it weighs around 7 Pounds.

Calligrapher’s supplies

Calligraphers in the game Dungeons and Dragons 5e are the ones who produce texts that are pleasant for someone who sees it. This production of the texts is done with the help of a complicated forging technique.

To execute the forging techniques or even to examine different scriptures found in the game the set of 5e tools used is the calligrapher supplies. The cost of these supplies is 10 GP and weighs around 5 pounds.

Brewer’s supplies

These supplies consist of a big jar, some long tubing, a siphon, and a particular quantity of hops. It is used for living with brewing wine, beers, and any other spirit.

Most of the time it is used for brewing spells. The time taken to brew varies on what you are trying to brew.

You know what in the Dungeon and Dragons game, you can make your own drink too.

But for most of the brewing tasks, it will take a total of 1 to 1 and a half in-game hours to do that. The cost of the supplies is around 20 GP and the weight is around 9 pounds.

The Jeweler’s tools 5e

The jeweler is an expert in the game who can examine extremely precious pieces of jewelry. Mainly to check whether they have magical properties and how useful they can be in future endeavors.

The set of this tool contains wire, wire cutters,  pliers, clasp, needle, ruler, and thread. The price of the tools is 25 GP and it weighs around 7 Pounds.

Carpenter’s tools

5e tools

The carpenter’s tools 5e consists of the hammer, a saw for cutting wood, some chisel, nails, a hatchet, a plane, an adze, and a ruler. All these tools are used by the players to make wooden structures, furniture, and wooden tools as well in their game.

Also, with the help of this tool any player can recognize types of wood and their uses. The cost of these tools stands at around 8 GP and the weight of this tool set is 6 pounds as specified in the game.

Cartographer’s tools 5e

Cartographers in the game are the ones who can unveil many secrets by examining different maps and assuming where the treasure in different parts can be.

The toolset of a cartographer consists of rules, a set of calipers, a will, ink, some parchment, and also a pair of compasses and dividers.  

By using the cartographer tool, the player can easily identify cities. Mountains, mountain ranges, and water bodies. The cost of the tools is around 15 GP and weighs around 6 pounds in the game.

Cobbler’s tools 5e

Cobblers in the game Dungeons and Dragons Fifth edition are the ones who have great knowledge of shoes and can understand the magical abilities of boots and also can create magical boots.

The toolset of a cobbler in the game consists of a hammer, a shoe stand, an awl, a knife, spare leather, thread, and a cutter. The cost of these tools is 5 GP and weighs around 5 pounds.

Cook’s utensils

The utensils used by the cooks in the game to cook food for the troops in the game are the ones in this kit. This tool consists of knives, forks, metal pots, a ladle, and a stirring spoon.

These 5e tools in the Dungeon and Dragon games, this is the cheapest and humblest tool any player can find.

The price of this set of tools is around 1 GP and weighs around 8 pounds. Another advantage of this tool is a player can gift this to anyone.

Tinker’s tools

The tinker’s tools 5e are very useful. Sometimes you find parts of something while doing some mission.

Those might be ancient things and you need to know their value of those. That is where the tinker tools come to use.

The set of tools consists of a thread, a variety of hand tools, scraps of cloth and leather, needles, a whetstone, and many more things.

These are the tools that will help you determine the age of something even if you just have one small part of the original.

The price of this set of tools is around 50 GP and weighs around 10 pounds.

Leatherworker’s tools

The tools that help the leatherworker to make objects mainly shoes and clothes out of leather in the game are called the leatherworker’s tools. The price of these tools is around 5 GP and weighs around 5 pounds.

Weaver tools

Weaver tools will allow you to create clothes for your character. This tool includes threads, a scape of clothes, and needles. With the help of this tool, you can make an outfit for any creature or character if you have sufficient clothes.

Wood Carver’s tools

Wood Carver and carpenter are two different people. The carpenter makes the woolen structure and the Carver is the one who can carve designs on the wooden structure made by the carpenter. The price of the woodcarver tools 5e is around 1 GP and weighs around 5 pounds.

Musical instruments

5e tools

The different musical instruments are as follows:

BaGPipes30 GP6 lb
Drum6 GP3 lb
Dulcimer25 GP10 lb
Flute2 GP1 lb
Lute35 GP2 lb
Lyre30 GP2 lb
Horn3 GP2 lb
Pan flute12 GP2 lb
Shawm2 GP1 lb
Viol30 GP1 lb


These are all the 5e tools that are a must-know for you. These are extremely useful throughout the game and using them will provide you with proficiency points that will help you go forward in the game.

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