How To Do Witch Bolt 5E Spell

Yet another article in which we are going to talk about a supernatural creature. We all know about the universe of the DND.

This universe is total imagination and this imaginary universe has given birth to many unbelievable supernatural creatures which we probably cannot even imagine to be living in this human world.

We can say that all the supernatural creatures that are present in the universe that the DND depicts are not real. If any of the supernatural creatures mentioned in any of the edition of DND was real then the normal human race would have ceased to exist.

The creatures have an unbelievably immense amount of power, they possess magical abilities and great combat skills along with the skills that help them survive.

In this article, we are going to focus particularly on a supernatural creature that is present in all the editions but we are going to mention those supernatural creatures shown in the fifth edition of the DND series.

The thing practically supernatural about which we are going to do an in-depth discussion about is known as the Witch Bolt 5e. We are going to mention all the necessary information about the creatures.

Information that includes their power, their special needs, the powers that only these things possess and many more things so keep calm and join us in this amazing ride of learning about D&D 5e Witch Bolt.

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What Does A Spell Actually Mean In D&D?

Before we dive into the real deal we should know something. These things are extremely important to know.

Knowing what a spell actually means in the fifth edition of the DND will make it extremely easy for you to understand the whole concept of Witch Bolt 5e.

Well, when the word spell comes into your mind what is your first thought? Let us guess you think about some kind of magical liquid that is being created by a person with some weird kind of ingredients things and which possesses supernatural powers in itself and can do any kind of damage or even make dead people alive.

Well if you are one of the people who thought just the way you said it then you are partially correct. Now let us give you the full idea of what a spell is.

A spell is one kind of liquid that possesses a specific kind of power which when dropped on an opponent inflicts so much destruction that you cannot even imagine.

Not only does it inflict destruction but also some specific spells are there which heal the troops, or even freeze the opponent which will not let them do any counter-attacks.

All the incredible and impossible things can be achieved by a good spell. There are different sets up to make a spell mentioned in Dungeons and Dragons.

The process of making the spell is called brewing the spells as mentioned in the fifth edition of the Dungeons and Dragons Series.

The Basic Information About The Witch Bolt 5E

witch bolt 5e

We all are now aware that how much of an amazing universe is created by Dungeons and Dragons. There are so many incredible things that can blow our minds.

All the supernatural creatures and the supernatural powers that we see in this universe just blows our mind and all the stages that are there in the universe make the universe a memorable one in a good way.

Among all those incredible things there is a spell called the Witch Bolt DND 5e. We are going to mention all the things that you need to know about this spell.

When the Witch Bolt 5e is applied in the universe of Dungeons and Dragons then it does what it is made for. It is a spell that is used to attack your opponents with the help of artificial lighting.

The spell will be dropped and there will be a crackling effect and then the real thing comes in the lightning. There is one strike of lightning the opponent is destroyed.

There is a lot more damage than one strike of the lightning beam causes immense amount of damage up to a certain range. We are going to talk about all of that in detail.

The Upgrading Of The Witch Bolt 5E And The Changes In Its Power

The creation of the Witch Bolt DND 5e is not just about lightning. The spell can be improved by upgrading the spell to higher levels. The damage of the lightning effect increases with the up-gradation in the level of the spell.

Not only the damage but also the range in which the action of the spell is supposed to occur. Only one action is enough to wipe out tens and hundreds of opponents. No one stands a chance against such a powerful spell and everyone should have it in their inventory.

You can upgrade your Witch Bolt spell to a maximum of level twenty and when it reaches level twenty it is next to impossible for the opponents to avoid the damage of the spell.

Death is inevitable if an opponent is even in the range of the damage that is caused by the lightning action of the spell which is incredible.

The more amazing thing is that when you increase the level of the spell you might be thinking that the space taken up by the spell in your inventory will also increase but that is not at all the case.

It does not matter what the level of your Witch Bolt DND 5e spell is or the amount of space that it will take up in your inventory is only one slot.

Hence increasing the power of your inventory and also giving you the power of God that is to control thunder and lightning making you feel like an actual god.

The Correct Way Of Using A Witch Bolt 5E In Combat

witch bolt 5e

Even if the Witch Bolt 5e spell that is available with you is of the first level then you might be thinking there is no way that the spell can do anything special. That is totally not true.

Even if the spell present with you is of level one it proves to be extremely powerful and can destroy your opponent.

The spell is really powerful but the impact of the spell on your opponents depends on you. The way you use the spell will decide how much impact will the spell have on your opponent.

The thing about the action of the Witch Bolt DND 5e is that both you and you’re the opponent you are fighting against will be tethered by this spell.

You will be able to cause an immense amount of damage to your opponent if you can cast the spell correctly. What does casting the spell correctly mean?

Well, it means that if you can drop the spell somewhere in which the range of the spell 5e is covering many of your opponents and the damage will be all over the place causing your opponents to become weak with only one shot.

Use Of The Witch Bolt 5E Spell In Different Situations

If you are doing a combat fight in the game and the troops of your opponent have more damage than your own troops do. There are many such situations that you will have to face in the game.

The game is most of the time played by people based on power but the situation we just mentioned cannot be played based on power because your opponent will win and you know that in such situations you need to play a highly strategy-based game from your side.

The strategy includes everything like getting the opponent troops distracted, using your troops correctly, and using your spells correctly.

In this game based on strategy, Bolt 5e plays a really big role in the win you want to get.

Just think about the situation that we just mentioned well it is scary but it is not impossible to overcome that situation with a good strategy a strategy that includes the use of the Witch Bolt DND 5e spell perfectly.

If the perfect use of the spell is executed then defeating your opponents become easy and your win is inevitable no matter how powerful your opponent is.

The first thing you can do is to use the spell in such a way that a large amount of damage is caused to a lot of the opponent’s troops you Are facing inside the range of the Witch Bolt 5e spell.

The spell can cause an immense amount of damage to the troops and also the deadliest troops which makes it easy for your normal troops to kill the troops of the opponent.

They have already taken an immense amount of damage in the hands of the spell used perfectly, hence not being able to stand strong against your troops.

So the spell named the Witch Bolt DND 5e is extremely powerful and impactful unless you mess it up and fail to execute your strategy properly.

This spell is to be used on big enemies or opponents who have much higher health in order to decrease their health and then killing them will be a walk in the park.

Having an idea of how much area the spell will cause damage is also important because that will help you to put the impact of the spell correctly.

Other than all these there are certain things that a person playing Dungeons and Dragons should know about the spell and that is about the drawbacks of this amazing spell. We are going to mention the drawbacks of the D&D 5e Witch Bolt spell.

The Drawbacks Of The Spell Named Witch Bolt 5E

witch bolt 5e

The spell Witch Bolt 5e is not everyone’s cup of tea. No casual player who plays the game once or twice a week can use the spell to its full potential.

It is extremely hard to execute in a proper way and cannot be used by people who do not have a good knowledge of the game Dungeons and Dragons.

The important factors that should be followed while using this spell are extremely important to know for people who play the game.

The first thing is the range, the second thing is the timing of the spell cast and on what kind of troop the spell is to be cast.

Now let us explain why each of the factors can be so important that if they are not followed properly the spell Witch Bolt can go to waste one by one.

  • Range of the Witch- The range in which the spell is supposed to cause its impact is very important for a player to know. The players should at least have a rough idea by looking that up to how much area the spell will cause damage. Imagine you used the spell on one troop and the other troops are five miles away from the troop you used the spell on and so the troop you used the spell on will be dead but no other troops will be affected by the spell because they are out of range. If you used the spell one tile before then all the troops would have been impacted with the closest one being dead.
  • Timing of the spell being used- The time when you cast the spell is extremely important. There should be a sharp idea of what troop moves at what speed so that when you use the spell many troops are being affected by that one spell. Sometimes you use the spell and the troops move away from the range before the lightning strikes which becomes a waste of the spell.


We are happy to be able to bring all the required information about the Witch Bolt 5e roll20. The DND universe is very big and there are many aspects of the universe we have explained everything about how you can use this particular D&D 5e Witch Bolt spell in all the parts of the game.

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