All You Need To Know About Arcane Trickster 5E In Detail

It is better to know what are we going to talk about in this whole content and what information we will be providing. We think that directly jumping into the min part will make it harder for our readers to process all the information.

So we are going to give you a brief idea of what this content is going to feature or what it will contain. You have come here to know about the Arcane trickster 5e.

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What Actually Rogue Arcane Trickster 5E Is?

An Arcane trickster is a subclass of Rogue. This subclass of the Rogue is unique because of the way they do things.

They are very much agile and possess magical powers which make the DND 5e Arcane trickster more unique than the other subspecies of the Rogue.

Making use of this agility of their own and the magical powers that they possess they help themselves to achieve any goal they want.

You should know that there are many foes. These foes actually dismissed the 5e Arcane trickster and claimed them as a peril of their own.

The possession of magic and the great agility that they have is put to use by this sub-class of the Rogue in a very useful manner.

The sub-class of Rogue is considered to be different and more powerful than the other Rogues because they have proven that the skills they possess are more than just the sum of their different parts.

The primary stage is the first stage in which the people were initially introduced to the existence of Arcane Trickster 5e as a subspecies of the Rogue.

It was seen that most of the time used to perform illusion-based magic or magic that is based on enchantment purposes in order to show their powers and prove that they are a subspecies of Rogue.

In the later stages, we explored much more which we are going to discuss in the next para.

How Does The Arcane Trickster 5E Find Unique Solutions To Certain Problems?

Another unique thing about the DND 5e Arcane trickster is that they have a tendency inside of themselves that helps them in a certain way.

They tend to inspect a situation and then do some actions that will turn the situation upside down.

This turning of the situation upside down is a tactic used by the subspecies of the Rogue in order to create chaos intentionally.

Due to the turning of the situation into a chaotic condition, they actually benefit by being free of themselves and operating.

So this tendency is not the only thing that is unique about them. Many people consider the Arcane to be unique and some other people think that they are weird because of their unpredictable behavior.

There is obviously a reason for both because when you are in a problem you would not want to make a mess of that problematic situation but the subspecies of Rogues do what we won’t ever think of doing, so the preferable thing to say about them is that they are weirdly unique.

The Role Of The DND 5E Arcane Trickster In A Party

arcane trickster 5e

We have already discussed that the Arcane possesses great magical powers and we have also mentioned previously that most of the time the subspecies of Rogues shown in the fifth edition of DND uses illusion-based magic tricks or magic tricks based on the concept of enchantment but that does not mean that the Rogue Arcane possesses no other kind of magical powers.

As they are Rogues they also possess the common power available in all subspecies of Rogues which is the Rogue’s Sneak attack.

The possession of the Rogue’s Sneak attack makes the subspecies of the Rogues that are the Arcane Trickster 5e. Due to their ability to perform this trick, they hold the capability of causing an immense amount of damage to their enemies.

They rarely use this power possessed by them because of their incredible knowledge of performing magic based on illusion and magic based on enchantment perfectly that they have to rarely use the extreme Rogues Sneak attack.

Why The Arcane Does Not Have To Make Use Of The Rogues Sneak Attack Most Of The Time?

The perfection that they show while performing their magic based on illusion and magic based on enchantment is dangerous and this is because they have mastered the art of performing such magic.

Rogue Sneak attack is a much more powerful magic trick but most of the time they do not even need to execute that trick because by performing the enchantment magic and illusion magic to perfection they can make their enemies feel paranoid.

The enemies will not have any chance against them as their time will be wasted in order to overcome the illusions and enchantments which means that they are blinded.

These powers of magic make their enemy feel blinded and hence it becomes harder for their enemy to concentrate on the real thing which is the party.

The enemies get so much involved in overcoming the illusion created by the Arcane Trickster 5e that they cannot even enjoy the party properly.

Another thing that the DND 5e Arcane Trickster just like any other Rogue is good at is findings traps and dealing with the traps.

In fact, it is believed that they are better than most other Rogues in this also because of their comparatively higher score in reliance on intelligence.

Arcane Trickster Spells List

arcane trickster 5e

Now it is time to talk more about the qualities of the Trickster 5e that make them distinct from the other subspecies of the Rogues.

The quality that makes the subspecies of the Rogues different from the other subspecies is that they can apply spells or cast spells.

The Arcane Trickster 5e not only can cast spells but also the spells they cast are much more effective and stronger than the other arch types of the Rogues.

It is not that they can only cast one spell but their repertoire is filled with tons of spells that they apply in need making it easier for them to achieve what they want.

At the initial stages, you will see that the subspecies of Rogues that are the Trickster 5e have the slots of level one to level three. These are the spells that they can use at the primary stages.

Do not stay in the blanket of imagining that the spells are not strong because one such spell alone is more powerful than some of the subspecies of Rogues.

When they reach level 19 or level twenty then the slot of the level four spells are unlocked and when these spells are unlocked nothing can stand in front of them.

They become inevitable and the defeat of their enemies is not a probability but a surety.

When the Arcane Trickster 5e reaches the level of 20 then there will be a minimum of 13 spells unlocked in the repertoire of the subspecies of the Rogues.

The DND 5e Arcane Trickster spells selection by the species is done very carefully as they can only possess four spells which can be from any school of magic but the rest of the spells can only be the spells that do magic tricks based on illusion and the magic tricks based on enchantment.

The Process Of Spell Selection

The Arcane Trickster 5e Spells list contains:

  • In the beginning, there will be three cantrips already available.
  • When the Arcanereaches level ten then a fourth cantrip will be unlocked.
  • The cantrips that the species gets are random but the common one which is available to every Arcane is called the Mage hand which is greatly utilized by each and every Trickster in the fifth edition of DND.
  • Minor illusion and message are some well-known illusion spells that should be chosen by every Arcane Trickster because these spells add great utility and efficiency to the repertoire.
  • Booming Blade, Fire Bolt, and Toll the dead are some of the spells that an Arcane can keep in their back pocket as using them will give them more damage power and hence will help destroy enemies more easily.
  • One thing that should be in the mind of a trickster while selecting the spells they want to possess is that they should always give priority to the utility of the spells and the second thing that they should look for is the damage ability of the spell.
  • Utility spells are more valuable because using the utility spells that is the illusion spell or the enchantment spell will help the Arcane 5e to deceive their opponents and blind them and damage is not much efficient because it will be obvious that you will also be taking little to large damage while taking a direct flight.
  • It is also not the case that you will not keep any damage spells because in case the situation arrives that you have to take a fight forcefully then you can use the damage spell but that is the last resort so keeping one or two damage spells is needed as well.
  • The spells that an Arcane 5e learns when they reach level eight, level fourteen, or level twenty are not necessarily considered to be spells based on enchantment or spells based on illusion. They can learn those spells from any school.
  • The other spells that they have should always be from the particular schools where spells based on enchantment and illusion are taught.
  • At the initial stages that is when the trickster is at level three, we have already mentioned that there will be only three spells. Out of all the three spells, all two spells will be enchantment and illusion spells.
  • The Trickster 5e is given an option for the replacement of the spells. This option is available only after the trickster levels up their spell.
  • The criteria are that the spell must be of enchantment or of illusion and the other criteria for replacement is that the spell the Trickster 5e wants to replace should be of such a level that can be used which means can be cast.

About The Mage Hand, Magic Spell Possessed By The Arcane Trickster 5E

arcane trickster 5e

Mage Hand is one of the most powerful and most used magic spells of the subspecies of Rogues that we are discussing today.

If we have to point out the core feature for which the Trickster 5e possesses so much power in their magic then we had straight up pointed out the ability to cast a Mage Hand spell.

The spell not only provides the species with an extra hand that is invisible in nature but also the hand possesses some other abilities.

The most preferable use of Mage Hands that is done by the Trickster 5e is that they use those invisible hands to do attacks on the enemies.

Another use of the hands that the species does is to take away objects sneakily from their enemies in order to use those objects against their enemies or also to retrieve some objects or some valuable weapons that the enemy has stolen from them.


It is clear that the Arcane Trickster 5e is extremely powerful and can do anything with its agile nature and its ability to do different kinds of magic perfectly.

It is really fun to know about them and after knowing about them it is impossible not thinking to be one. They are dope and cool in the modern language.

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