Canada Digest: The Latest News In The CS:GO World

Any esports discipline is not only about the game itself and its peculiarities, but also all the events and people that make it popular. In Canada, numerous fans monitor what is new in the universe of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Their objectives are varied — from enhancing entertainment to improving their CS GO 1v1 betting. Whatever your purpose is, it is always a good thing to keep on investigating and exploring the industry you are interested in. This will help you stay motivated to play and engaged in the e-gaming community.

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Support of Fans

When it comes to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it is one of the most popular esports activities around the globe. Pretty recently, PGL Major  Grand Finals took place, and it was a spectacular event for both the participants and viewers. 

The organization was a live show, and there were fans watching the battle between the last two teams. Largely thanks to this comeback of the beloved event version, the number of viewers increased drastically too. To be more exact, the fight between Na’Vi and G2 in the final match resulted in a peak viewership record. The number of fans from Canada and other countries, who were enjoying the event, exceeded two and a half million viewers. Just compare with their previous record, which was slightly more than one million fans.

Overall, people actively supported their favorite CS:GO teams and the statistics of views prove that perfectly. The previous record was set back in 2017 during the Major between Virtus Pro and Astralis. This time, quarterfinals, semifinals, and grand finals have turned out to be more successful. For instance, the battle between G2 and Heroic has attracted over 1.4 million viewers.

The last tournament in Stockholm was distinguished by other achievements too. For example, Na’Vi didn’t drop a map and ranked first, which made them the very first team to get such a result. Anyway, this was a thrilling adventure worth witnessing.

Membership Strategy

According to the recent reports by Vitality, their squad is likely to have serious changes in the upcoming future. Their roster will be significantly overhauled. Their approach to renewing their team relates not only to new players but also to experienced pioneers. Among the potential candidates to enter this club, there are such reputable names as Danny Sørensen, simply known as “⁠zonic⁠”, Emil Reif (“Magisk”), and Peter Rasmussen (“dupreeh”).

If this modification takes place, the team’s all-French lineup will obviously be lost. What is curious, this approach has been valid since October 2018. Vitality hasn’t managed to enter the CS:GO Major quarterfinals this tournament, and altering their playing strategy and squad will influence their performance in the global Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene.

The CS: GO Board Members

Good news for fans of Danny Sorensen — this player, nicknamed “zonic”, has confirmed he would continue playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. His career path is impressive. From a regular amateur, the guy managed to become a head coach of Astralis. He has quit that position already, but it is meaningful like in his portfolio, which shows off the gamer’s skills prominently. On the account of Astralis under Sorensen’s guidance, there are four won Major championships and a vast number of other CS:GO competitions. The fan Counter-Strike community is looking forward to seeing which team he will support next.

On the contrary, there are some players who retire from the world of big professional esports. Among them, there is FunPlus Phoenix. The team wasn’t really competitive when they did attend tier-one events. The member-athletes, including Jesse Linjala, Asger Jensen, and Miikka Kemppi aren’t likely to leave the battleship of Counter-Strike yet, so there are chances to see their performance on the board of other squads.


The recent Major Championship in Stockholm was a unique chance for fans to see whether famous players are still capable of leading their teams to success. Sh1ro is once again a breakout celebrity in the CS:GO arena in 2021. Among the overall stars with nice records, Nicolas Gonzales Zamora, shortly as “Plopski” and Mareks Galinskis, simply put as “YEKINDAR”, are promising members of the CS:GO young division.

Valerii Vakhovskyi, a member of Natus Vincere, is another youngster who contributed to the esports development. The list of PGL debutants can boast of Michale Wince from Team Liquid, Ismail Ali from Heroic, Rafael Cost from paiN Gaming, and Owen Schlatter from Evil Geniuses. Their future is exciting, and time will tell how far they get. 

The Final Verdict

Knowledge is power, so being aware of the latest news in the field you are passionate about is complementary and beneficial. You can learn on the basis of other teams’ matches, would they be successful or failing. The data received from the news will let enthusiasts in the betting field analyze the market development and see which stakes are promising. All in all, the more knowledgeable you are, the better.

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