A Guide On Eldritch Blast 5E

Hello, welcome to the world of angels and spells. Today we are going to discuss the Eldritch Blast 5e dungeons and dragons.

In the virtual world of the game Dungeons and Dragons, there are a lot of incredible things. There are different troops available to all the players, there are different strategies, buildings, and playing styles and there are a lot of magical items in the game.

The most significant among all the magical items are the spells that players can use.

There are a lot of different types of spells you can find in Dungeons and Dragons. Some of the spells are the ones used to cause damage to the opponent, some might help you heal your troops who have taken damage on the battlefield and some are a combination of both.

Some directly or indirectly does such jobs and by using perfectly each and every spell you will become a master of the game The Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition.

In this article, we are going to talk about one such magical item that is available in the game. This magical item is a spell that is used frequently by the players of Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition.

What is Eldritch Blast 5e?

So, the spell is named Eldritch Blast and in the game Dungeons and Dragons Fifth edition it is considered to figuratively play the role of a firebolt spell for the warlocks.

If we look at its category-wise, then you will see that both the Fire Bolt spell and the Eldritch Blast fall under the category of ranged damage-causing spells.

You will also see that the functioning of the two spells is very similar. The only difference externally noticeable is that instead of fire damage the Eldritch spell deals damage with crackling beams of waves which helps to give four separate instances of force damage.

The spell is used by the Warlocks in a very special way. The Warlocks keep that spell on their inventory to be used as a staple cantrip.

Other than that, the spell is also completing a very good thing for the Warlocks and that is it gives them the ability to stand a chance against the stronger troops who are recognized in the game for their raw power, unlike the Warlocks who are recognized for having great intelligence and magical ability.

The reason this spell is used by the Warlocks as a staple cantrip is that the spell receives a lot of buffs through the special ability of the Warlocks and the ability that we are talking about is the Eldritch Blast invocation features 5e in the game the Dungeons and Dragons.

A little introductory description of the Eldritch Blast 5e

eldritch blast 5e

This is a spell that is used by players to deal a huge amount of damage to the opponent on the battlefield. This is extremely effective as it is used by many players.

The spell effect is that a crackling beam of energy is going to strike a troop or troops of your opponent on the battlefield within the range in which the Eldritch Blast 5e will be applied.

This feature of the spell makes it more effective. As it makes up for good damage-causing ranges of attack units in your inventory. On just one direct hit of this crackling beam of energy, your opponent can suffer a total of 1d10 force damage.

Interesting, right? Just hold on you will get to know more.

As you progress in the game you will be able to upgrade this spell to higher levels. With every upgrade, some somethings improve about the spell. With each upgrade, you will see that the damage caused by the crackling beam increases.

There are certain levels upgrading to which your spell will have an increase in the number of beams of crackling energy formed.

Before reaching level 5 the spell will only produce one crackling beam of energy, after the spell reaches level 5 the spell will produce a total of 2 beams.

The third beam will come when the spell is upgraded to level 11 and there will be four beams produced by the spell when you upgrade it to level 17.

With the increasing number of waves produced the total damage gets multiplied. The damage that you can cause with one wave will get doubled if two waves are 1d10 force damage with each of the waves.

In this way, the total damage that can be dealt by the spell is multiplied. There are two different ways in which you can use this spell because of this multiplying feature it has.

The first way is that you can strike all the waves produced on one single target. This will do all the damage to that one single target that you have targeted or the other way is that you can choose different targets for striking each wave at.

That is totally up to you. This will help you cause damage to more members in the troops of the opponent on the battlefield helping you have a chance of taking advantage of the more health your troops got.

When and where should the Eldritch Blast spell 5e be cast?

eldritch blast 5e

As we all know that everything has a time and place for itself. You cannot just expect to do things as per your own wish and then expect it to be successful.

Just like that there is a place and situation in which using the Eldritch Blast DND 5e will turn out to be the most effective.

You just cannot rely on the high amount of damage that the spell can make your opponent suffer from but you also have to know at what point should you use the spell on the battlefield so that you get the upper hand over your opponent’s troops.

In this segment of the 5e Eldritch Blast spell, we are going to talk exactly about that thing.

So, first, the main objective of the spell is needed to be cleared out. The main objective or purpose that the spell has to serve is that it is a spell primarily used for dealing a huge amount of damage to the opponent’s troops.

And this is used by the Warlocks who are mainly focused on casting-based strategies. So using this spell to its full potential will need some focus on both the power and as well as casting line of your troops.

Keeping the raw power and strong troops in the frontline and then deploying your casting-focused Warlocks in the backline will help you be a very strong opponent for the person against you.

The front powerful troops will be approaching the opponent troops and by that time the Warlocks will cast this spell to deal some damage to the opponent’s frontline giving you a big hit point advantage in the game.

The spell-casting Warlocks then can be used to deal a low amount of damage but it should be at a consistent rate and the front line of your totally destroying the opponent with power.

Another thing is that casting this spell requires a very low amount of resources, so this shows it is a great strategy in a low investment strategy.

Apart from that, there is another advantage that comes when the spell is upgraded to higher levels. The first advantage is that the resources required are comparatively low at the higher levels as well.

The other advantage is upgrading to a higher level as we have already mentioned that the number of crackling waves produced by the spell on casting increases. So the more the number of beams the better for you.

If you use all the beams on one target then you should look to use it on the target which is the most powerful on the opponent’s side of the battle.

If you see that you and your opponent are equal in the case of the number and types of troops you have then you should go for targeting multiple troops of the opponent.

Some of the basic features of the D&D 5e Eldritch Blast

eldritch blast 5e

Now we are going to talk about some of the basic features of the Eldritch Blast 5e that are not dependent on the level of the spell you have.

  • Time required for casting the spell- The total time required for the spell 5e Eldritch Blast to be cast is just one action of the Warlocks. One action means a total of one total magical movement of the warlock.
  • School in which this spell can be learned in the game Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition- The school in which this damage-dealing spell can be learned or unlocked is the School of Evocation.
  • Effect- The effect of this spell is that it causes force-ranged damage.
  • The maximum range of damage- the maximum range of damage is 300 feet and the least range of damage is 120 feet.
  • Components used in making it- The components that are used are verbal and somatic.


We have provided you with all the details about the Eldritch Blast 5e. If you follow this guide then you will surely become a master of using this strategy of using the spell on the battlefield.

This game is associated with an adventurous journey. And if you are someone who loves adventure, then this game will surely take your heart.

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Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

Does Agonizing Blast apply to each beam of Eldritch Blast?

Yes, it was clarified by the developers that the effect of the agonizing blast does apply to each of the beams independently.

Does each beam of Eldritch Blast critically strike independently?

Yes, the players are able to control the movement of the beams roughly so we can say that the Eldritch Blast 5e can be critically stroke independently.

Is Eldritch Blast good damage?

This is the second-highest damage and you can spread the attack to multiple enemies.

Can Eldritch Blast 5e be cast twice?

You can not cast this spell twice in the same turn.

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