Fey Touched Feat 5e In Dungeons And Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons is a game that is growing in terms of popularity every day. The number of active players has grown to a huge number after the release of the fifth edition of the game.

The game has won over the crowd so fast and is showing such exponential growth because of the uniqueness with which it has presented the concept of strategy games.

The game is known for the different supernatural creatures and the magical world in the game is set in.

There are a lot of interesting and unique supernatural creatures that make the experience for the players of the game totally different.

The premise of the game is that you are thrown into a magical world and then you have to build everything from scratch. Unlocking different troops and different spells.

One is the Fey Touched Feat 5e which is getting extremely popular among the player base of the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth edition.

Fey Touched Feat 5e- A brief introduction

fey touched feat 5e

In the game Dungeons And Dragons 5e the Fey Touched is referring to the Cauldron of Tasha which has everything in it.

This cauldron of everything made by Tasha can instill a mote of the magic of the Feywild inside a particular character.

Due to exposure to the Feywild’s magic, many adventurers in the game can experience a lot of change in capabilities or even have a mark on themselves.

The exposure that one character gets to this kind of magic is very beneficial often these new increased capabilities possessed by the character on getting to the Feywild’s magic are insane.

This can provide the players with a huge mechanical advantage in different altercations which when used wisely can be a huge reason for their victory on the battlefield.

The spells formed and affecting the characters on exposure to the magic of the Feywild give some extra score to certain capabilities of the character.

The one that is the most noted is the increased mental strength that the character once exposed to the magic gets instilled in themselves.

Apart from the mental ability score increasing the Fey Touched Feat 5e spells also gives a particular character two spells to cast.

The character is able to cast one of the two spells once after one long rest provided to the character by the player. And the casting of the spell after a long rest can be done for free.

So, these are the advantages that a player can get on the battlefield if they get exposure to Feywild’s magic.

The difference between the Fey Touched Feat 5e and the other half of feats

fey touched feat 5e

Well, just by playing the game a little bit you will be able to see a lot of differences between the two and why the Fey Touched Feat 5e is different than the other half of Feat 5e but that is a different topic of its own.

Well to understand the difference you first need to understand what the half feats are.

So half feats are the spells that provide an increase in half points to some ability of a particular character.

In a more defined way it provides an increase of half an ability score and this they are called the half feats.

The other thing is all the feats that are referred to as half feats have one thing in common and that is they all provide the players with only one pre-determined ability score to increase so there is no flexibility for these half feats in the game.

The players strategize what they want and how they want to use it making the gameplay more flexible by the style of the player who is choosing as per his or her own mentality.

Apart from this, another thing that is extra with the Fey Touched Feat 5e is that it provides the characters with a free spell after every long rest to cast for free. That is a very big advantage for a player in the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth edition.

Getting a spell for free is a matter of saving a lot of resources that would have been needed if there was no such feat of the Feywild magic. With a huge advantage on the battlefield, they can totally destroy the opponent with that.

One of the free spells provided by the magic of the Feywild is the misty spell. This spell is a very special one because of its versatile use.

The spell has abilities that make it flexible to use in any kind of strategy differently obviously and also any character can benefit from the use of this spell.

So, this spell is a very effective one and totally a benefit on the battlefield to have for free.

The others are not set but when a player adds a particular first-level spell to the inventory schools of the magic of enchantment or divination then this feat achieved through the magic of the Feywild will offer a very wide range of utility to your character.

The statistical view of the Fey Touched Feat 5e

fey touched feat 5e

We have already talked about the benefits and the difference and how good it is to have had some sort of exposure to the Feywild’s magic and get in touch with the Feat 5e and now from a statistical viewpoint let us state the insane advantages with numbers on it.

  • The increased ability- It has already been discussed that this exposure to the magic of Feywild provides a particular character with the ability to increase by one point on one out of three different characteristics of the player’s choice. The three characteristics that the players can choose from are Intelligence, charisma, and wisdom. Any one of these three characters will be increased and it can be done to a maximum of twenty points.
  • The misty spell for the free- Misty spell is one of the most flexible spells to fit in any kind of strategy on the battlefield. As is already mentioned before that any character in the game can get the benefit of using the misty spell for themselves and hence should be a great thing to have for free after every long rest.
  • The 1st level spell of your choice for free- So the magic of the Feywild provides two spells to be cast by a player after every long rest. The misty spell is one of the two. The other spell is a 1st level spell of the player’s choice. The spell should be one from the schools of the magic of divination or enchantment. You can cast this free spell without even wasting a spell slot and which is a spell slot saved for carrying another spell in order to make your inventory stronger and more effective. The only one is that you cannot cast these spells back to back but you have to wait and take a long rest before getting it for free.

What benefits the most from exposure to the Fey Touched Feat 5e?

One thing that you must have figured out by now is that the Feat 5e is mixing the different abilities and making one character very versatile and turning them into absolute beasts. This feature lets it blend with any character of any class.

In Dungeons and Dragons, we see a lot of characters with specialization only in one particular field be it strength or be it spellcasting. In order to take both to a balanced level.

The character that is most preferred to use this particular feat 5e on is the one with the highest level of strength but low intelligence. This will make those characters balanced and will help you on the battlefield like never before.

The free spell options that you have for this Fey Touched Feat 5e

There are many options of spells that you can use in order to get the most advantage as per your strategy on the battlefield.

  • Blessed- This is a spell with the bounded accuracy system of Dungeons and Dragons Fifth edition.
  • Command- This is one of those rare spells that disrupts the turn of the for without the requirement of concentration.
  • Compelled Duel- This forces a foe to go one on one with you.
  • Dissonant Whispers- Heavy melee parties will be able to use this the best because it can help make opportunity attacks.
  • Gift of Alacrity- The opponent enacts their battle plan in front of you before the battle.


So these are all the things that are the most important about the Fey Touched Feat 5e. Use it and experiment with it to see which goes best for your style of play.

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