What Is The Healing Word 5E: Rules, Uses, And Tricks

Healing word 5E is highly popular among DND players because it saves a lot of time and effort.

DND is a kind of game that requires all your resources to be ready at all times; the strategies you take up and implement can often matter a lot more than how many powerful elements you possess in quantity.

It is why spells like 5e healing words that bring back the abilities you have lost in instantaneous time are so popular.

What can I expect healing word 5E to do?

DND handbook explains how every single spell and command has a specific set of criteria within which it performs and also a specific set of results that you can expect.

As explained by Elite players as well as the official DND handbook, this is a spell that will enable one creature of your choice within the range to regain hit points up to 1d4+. This fell does not affect your undead or constructed creatures.

Similarly, this is not the spell that will always work since it requires one bonus action to be implemented.

Healing word DND 5E can we cast on your spell slot of second level or higher? A great thing about the healing word is that, unlike some similar commands, this spell increases by the intensity of ability – this means that at each slot level, the healing your creature receives will increase by 1d4.

With V components and a range of 60 feet, this is one of those pairs with an instantaneous cast.

According to our experience, the healing word works best in the early game, and it is something that every healer benefits from having with themselves.

The only strategic thinking you have to do during the casting of this spell is to pinpoint which creature you want to use this spell, since being a bonus action, it has limited uses at one point in time.

You can read more about the healing word on page 250 of the DND player’s handbook.

Healing word 5E versus Cure Wounds

healing word 5e

Some players do like telling you that they have switched to cure wounds as their spell of choice after one point in time. In our opinion, both of them have very different uses since this is an opportunity-based decision-making platform.

Actually, we do not. In fact, our research and experience tell us that from an all-rounder perspective, no matter at which level you are, curing wounds does not match the number of facilities that the healing world masters.

Cure wounds is a spell-casting modifier of 1d8+, which means it is a more powerful spell than healing words.

At the same time, the casting condition for cure wounds is that you need to be able to touch the target you want to cure. It invariably means that this spell has a short range of action and can also provide an inferior action economy.

You are operating with higher brackets of risk when you choose to use your wounds in the place of the DND 5E healing word.

Mass healing word 5E

Is the mass word 5E a thing?

That must be incredibly brilliant!

Yes, in fact, healing words can have a mass effect depending on this variant without losing out on other properties that it has.

So to speak, the only difference between the healing word and the mass healing word is that the former has a first-level evocation, and the latter has a third-level evocation.

That being said, the mass healing word 5 is also a 60 feet range spell that has instantaneous duration and requires one bonus action to be implemented. It also provides a spell-casting ability modifier of 1d4+ hit points.

The mass healing word operates in this way – all creatures within the range of 60 feet must call out Restoration words to be eligible for this spell.

However, according to the spell, only a number of up to 6 creatures will regain the heat points.

The mass healing word 5E also increases by 1d4 at each slot level from the 4th level and higher.

The basic efficient strategy to distinguish your usage of the healing word as compared to the mass healing word will be to count how many vital creatures you have lost in the battle.

Mass healing word is a better facility to employ when there are a number of casualties, and it is imperative to resurrect the most powerful ones.

Who can cast the healing word 5E?

healing word 5e

Four major creatures can be cast in this spell.

Most of these creatures have the healing word on their spell list. These include certain characters who fall under the healer’s umbrella.

  • Bard
  • Druid
  • Cleric

There is one class of characters that gets the healing word for free.

  • Alchemist or Artificer

Rules and regulations

The healing word 5E is a short spell that, by nature, has very few rules. However, other rules are general to the DND game, and these will affect the spell when you cast it.

By saying this, we are referring to the general rules within which healers and spell casters have to operate and the general regulations within which spells themselves can be cast, if at all. Let us examine the four major rules you must remember while casting the healing word spell.

Healing word is a bonus action

This is a bonus action; after you cast the spell, you will not be able to cast any other spell soon.

You can cast this spell on yourself

Like most other spells, you can easily cast this spell on yourself.

It does not work on undead and constructs

It does not work on undead and constructs. At the same time, as these creatures are not highly important, this inhibition is not a major reason for worry.

You need to have a clear path within yourself and the creature

One important rule we cannot forget is that there has to be a clear path between you and the creature you are about to heal.

Tips and tricks to use healing word 5E

healing word 5e

Strategies can make any decision a hundred times better. Therefore, there are several ways in which you can make the best use of your ability and make choices you will never regret. Some search things to keep in mind include:

Your strategies are all about you

It is easy to get confused about which creature deserves your attention more. While playing DND, we form an idea about a kind of hierarchy in which our creatures exist, and according to this hierarchy, we believe some of our creatures to be more powerful and important than others.

While this is always true, it is important not to get influenced by what other people think to be an important creature. Your strategies are different from others, and so is the role every creature plays for you.

Elevate creatures who can make the best of it

As much as it is important to remember that the part a creature plays in your battle is not the same as it will play under someone else’s supervision, it is equally important to know that no creature has a similar level of importance all the time.

It means that according to the situation, the requirement of a certain creature will always change. Focus on the here and now and heal creatures who are effective to you at the present moment. Try not to follow a predetermined pattern while healing creatures.

Take it easy

Do not take yourself too seriously. It is okay to make mistakes now and then; you will learn a little more every time you use the spells.

Take it easy and have fun with the things you are making and the experiences you’re gathering on the battlefield.

Like most other spells, your word 5E will benefit you by constantly revisiting and re-analyzing your choices.

This way, you can include apparently simpler spells like healing words in your practice regime to develop better solutions.

Have fun with it

Because this is DND, you not only get to customize the spell itself to a certain degree, but you also get to customize how it is uttered.

Don’t take things too seriously, and have fun with your healing word 5E by using catchphrases and trances when you are about to cast a healing spell on any creature.


Healing word 5E is one of many simple, yet efficient spells at our disposal as players, which weed would be too blind not to notice.

Indeed they are pretty simple and small in importance – and yet happened to come quite handy and even indispensable in times of need.

Therefore, when you think about practicing using spells, it is important to bring these smaller spells under your red area as well, as constant exposure will help you understand your strategies and their betterment.

Try to experiment and rethink your choices for simpler spells like healing words as much as you do for your more important abilities.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use a healing word on myself 5e?

You can indeed choose yourself if your spell targets the creature of your choice unless it needs to be hostile or a creature other than you.

Does the healing word work on the unconscious?

No, it does not work on the unconscious. That means, on the creature with the noisy condition, it does not affect.

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