How To Create A Green Wall In Living Room – 4 Trending Ideas

Decorating the room with green is in trend as everyone strives to bring nature indoors. 

Green is not only about plants, but it is about organic material in the home. For example, if you want to update your living room decor, then creating a green wall is one of the best ways to bring new life to the room.

Bringing the greenery onto interiors encourages personal growth while evoking a feeling of calm. There are various ways to create a green wall in the living room, and some of those ideas are mentioned below. 

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Choose Shades Of Green To Paint A Wall

The first thing that you can do is to choose green paint for a feature wall in the living area. Following are some of the shades of green that look great in the living room. 

Earthy green

The earthy-toned green shade is in trend, and it is best for a Scandinavian or contemporary style home. If you want to embrace the green of mid-century, then earthy green is the best shade for a wall in the living room. You can hang any dark-colored wall art on the wall to complement the earthy green. 

Forest green

If your rooms are bright, then forest green wall paint will look great in the living area. It creates a unique interior and will add a different charm to rooms. Forest green also matches every other color present in your living room. 

Pewter green

Pewter Green is a type of olive green that looks amazing in every space, be it a wall or floor. You can update a wall in the living room with this color and compliment it with other decor pieces. In addition to the other shades, it is a great color option for storage units in the room.

Botanical Large Sized Wall Art 

Botanical wall arts are in trend these days and look good in every room, be it bedroom or living area. So, if you are looking for a unique way to decorate the living room walls in green, then the green-colored canvas prints are the best option. 

Wall prints in green color can instantly freshen up the space and make it look beautiful. Also, the high-quality wall art of plants and flowers can bring positivity as well as peace to your space. 

If you have a large blank wall, consider hanging a large piece of green art or creating a gallery wall. The lovely green wall art will add some life to blank walls in the living area. Check more ideas of green-colored wall prints that are in trend. 

Hang Potted Plants On Wall 

Do you know that you can create a live green wall by hanging various pots on the wall of a living room. For this, you will need to install a grid and then hang various potted plants on it. Make sure you choose indoor plants to create a green wall in your home. 

There are many potted plants in the market that you can consider or buy for your home decor. 

Green Wallpaper

Last but not least is the green wallpaper. You can add stylish wallpaper to the walls of your room. It is a great piece of decoration that can update the interior many times. For example, you can opt for a light-colored wallpaper for three walls and highlight a wall with green-colored paper in the living room. 

Final Words

Green interior looks trending, refreshing, and beautiful. So bring some shades of green in your living area with the help of the above tips. 

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