How To Play Counter-Strike 1.6 Online With Friends

For playing the game online with friends first, you have to create your private server. First, you need to have the required software. The software will help you to connect with your friends in the LAN network. 

For this, you have to follow these basic steps:

  1. First, you have to go to the official website to CS download on your device. 
  2. When the CS 1.6 download is completed, then you have to install the application. After installing the application, run it. You will then see the application in your taskbar section.
  3. Now again, go to the official website of the software. In this, create a free account. 
  4. After creating the account login into it. Now click on the option “Create a Network.” By this, a new network appears in your network section. You have got a network with a different name. 
  5. Now, give the name and description to the network by clicking on it. Select the Public option in the access control section. 
  6. Copy your network ID and share it with your friends. The ID is located at the top section. Now open the application and click on the section of Join Network. In this space, paste the network ID that you copied before. Select the only option of Allow Managed IP. Then click on the Join button. 
  7. The application will now automatically connect with the network. In the network section, click on the Yes button. It will help to establish the right connection successfully. In some cases, a message comes in front of the screen. Now at that time, select both the public and private options and click OK. 
  8. Now, ask your friends to install the same application and connect with the network Id that you created before. When they are connected, then you see the status in your network account. 

How to Join Counter-Strike 1.6 Online Server?

For joining counter strike 1.6 server online, you have to follow these steps.

  1. First, go to the folder directory of Counter-Strike 1.6. In this folder, run the HDLS.exe application. In this application, select Counter-Strike Network as LAN. The UDP port should be set to 27015. 
  2. After this, click on the Start Server button. The server will now create. There are all other options present in the Configure section for further configuration. 
  3. From the main section, copy the IP address and run the game. By pressing the (~) button open the console. In the console, type connect copied-IP-address and press enter. Add the IP address and paste it on the option of connecting copied-IP-address. 
  4. Now, ask your friends to do the same commands in their game console. After doing all this, they can join your match server. 
  5. Now, you can easily play and enjoy Counter-Strike 1.6 with your friends.

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