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Hello, welcome back to the best place to know the Angel numbers and beautiful 5e guides. Today we are going to discuss the Phantasmal Force 5E and its magic.

In the current times or we can say recently people across the whole world are becoming aware and getting knowledge about the incredible virtual world strategy game which is named Dungeons & Dragons.

The popularity of the game that is Dungeons and Dragons is growing to a whole new extent with each day passing and the game has a huge fan base that is totally dedicated to this game.

The game has created a supernatural, amazing virtual world that has not a single thing to do with the real world we live in.

A mastered imagination of the founder and the virtual world available in the game is a world of a dream for many people across the globe.

A huge variety of imaginary and unreal basically supernatural living beings are there in the game with different kinds of abilities possessed by each of them.

Their special abilities are what make every character in the game different from each other and also their physical features like their looks, and how they dress are different.

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The Premise Of The Whole Game The Dungeons And Dragons Fifth Edition

Other than the various supernatural or imaginary creatures the different kind of building and all the different aspects of the game makes the game more and more thrilling and interesting compared to all the other strategy games.

This incredibly exciting strategy game offers all its players a feeling of interest in getting to know more about the internal gameplay with the urge of knowing or getting to know about what is going to be unlocked or what feature is going to come next.

Now coming to the topic of spells available in the game.

The spells in the game are the units of magic and they are one of the most compelling features in the whole gameplay because it offers this strategy game a marvelous feel of magic and for the user, this helps the game to become even more likable around the globe.

In this particular article, we are on our way to giving a brief description of what spells actually mean and then get ourselves into a study about the different types of phantasmal force 5e in the strategy game named Dungeons & Dragons.

What Is The Meaning Of Spells In The Dungeons And Dragons Fifth Edition?

phantasmal force 5e

The need of knowing what a spell in the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition is is a very important piece of knowledge for the readers to know because in case you do not know the concept of magical spells then it would be extremely difficult on your side to understand the different aspects of phantasmal force 5e.

which we are going to discuss in this article later on. Spell is a word that itself has a touch or vibe or you can say a feeling of magic in it.

Well, the vibe of magic or the feel of whatever you want to say is valid because magic is the purpose for using spells in this game.

Spells are basically used to perform different magic tricks either on your opponents to affect them negatively or on your own troops or monuments to get yourself an advantage in the fight.

There are different varieties of spells and each of these spells possesses different features and abilities of its own.

The Total Premise Of Using Spells

Each of these spells is used in different strategies in order to strengthen or get an advantage for yourself in your own game.

Spells are also a very important and basic part of each and every fight or defense strategy in the game.

Spells are one of the most difficult to be used properly and also they are one of the most critical parts of the game mastering the art of casting a spell is a blessing.

You can say that spells are your smart ways of doing work and troops are your hard work with which you can properly get the desired result for the work you are doing with your smart ways backing it up.

The different ways in which you balance the use of your troops which is your muscle and your spells which are your backbone simultaneously is the strategy.

Enough about the basic things of spells, it is now the time for us to get into the actual topic of the article which is the D&D 5e phantasmal force.

What Is The Meaning Of Phantasmal Force 5e In Dungeons And Dragons?

phantasmal force 5e

In the virtual world strategy game Dungeons and Dragons which is an extremely popular phantasmal force 5e is the spell that is one of the strongest available to the players of the game.

Previously in this particular article, we have already discussed the different aspects and viewpoints of the game and what the magical and incredible spells actually are in this strategy-based game.

Now the time has come to look forward to the real thing and by that what we mean is the D&D 5e phantasmal force.

There is a various and huge amount of variety in the types of magical spells that are provided and can be used in the game, all the various types have unique features.

But by far the phantasmal force 5e is the most popular and most used by the players of the game Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition.

The strongest and the most popular kind of spell are the phantasmal force of the game.

These spells are considered by the online community of players to be the foulest and darkest and the most destructive and nerve-wracking magic accessible for the spell casters in the fifth edition of the strategy-based game The Dungeons and Dragons.

The school of casting is the place where the spells are learned and that of D&D 5e phantasmal force is considered to be one of the most powerful and creepy in a good way obviously school of magic in the game.

The school provides spells that are in demand very high and also helps the players by offering them all these spell lessons at a very low cost also the part which shows that it helps in providing the most destructive and creepiest spells in the game is something to look out for.

What Does This Phantasmal Force 5e Do In Dungeons And Dragons?

phantasmal force 5e

You create an extremely beautiful kind of illusion that goes into the roots in the brain of a creature that is in the range of the spell phantasmal force 5e which you just cast The target on which you are willing to use this amazing spell attack needs to make an Intelligence saving throw and that throw is very hard to execute perfectly.

On a failure of this throw, the spell caster creates an imaginary phantasmal object, creature, or some kind of phenomenon which can be chosen by you on the battlefield which is not larger than a cube of ten feet, and that can only be perceived or countered by the opponent and that also only during the duration that is needed to cast and apply the spell. This spell has no ability or power to affect constructs or the undead.

The phantasm made by the phantasmal force might include touch, temperature, sound, visual illusion, and other different kinds of stimuli, all of which are only evident exceptionally to the targeted creature in the opponent team on the battlefield.

The target has only one option and it is to use its action to look into and break down the phantasm with an investigation or intelligence check against your spell attack.

If the check becomes successful, the target gets the self-realization that the phantasm is not real and just an illusion, and the spell comes to an end.

The Effect That The Opponent Has To Face Due To The Phantasmal Force 5e

While an opponent is getting affected by the spell, the opponent gets treated by the phantasm as if it were totally real.

The opponent tried to rationalize any kind of illogical results from having interaction with the spell.

For an instance, a creature or an opponent trying to pass across a bridge of phantasm that gets a chasm falls once it steps onto the loop.

If the opponent saves the fall, it will still believe that the imaginary bridge is real and also that it exists and comes up with some other kind of explanation for the fall; it slipped.

It was pushed, or strong wind or wave may have knocked it off their mind and they were successful in their attempt of countering.

How To Use The Phantasmal Force 5e Perfectly On The Battlefield?

An opponent who is impacted by the phantasmal gets so convinced of the spell’s reality. A phantasmal illusion is created to appear as a creature that can do damage to the opponent.

Just like that, an illusion is created to appear as a danger for the opponent or opponents so that they try to counter the imaginary danger and cannot focus on the actual fight.

Each time you use this spell on your turn, the phantasm can cause a total of 1d6 mental and physical damage to the opponent if it is in the range of the phantasmal force 5e or within a maximum of 5 feet of the incredible spell, provided.

The illusion is of a dangerous event or damage-causing creature that could actually cause damage, such as by sequence of events or even by attacking.

The opponent can perceive the attack as a kind appropriate to the imaginary event or illusion.

Functioning Of The Phantasmal Spell 5e

phantasmal force 5e

So now it is time for us to break the functioning of this spell down. It is a level 2 spell of illusion and can be cast by a wizard, bard, or Sorcerer.

It takes a very small amount of time and an action to cast and can cause damage to an opponent from a maximum of 60 feet.

It is mandatory to have a somatic, vocal, and component or material, with the material component being a fleece but just a piece of it.

Once your wizard, bard, or sorcerer does cast the spell successfully, it is requirement which is a high level of concentration, and the effect or the impact of this phantasmal force 5e lasts for a minimum of one minute.

The abilities of this spell are unbelievable and can give you a very good advantage on the battlefield if the spell is used perfectly without any flaws.

Mastering the art of how you can use this spell is a whole thing that will come from experience with the gameplay.


It is very important to know every small detail of a spell before you are going to use it or put the spell in use on the battlefield.

Every spell can be impactful if and only if the spell is used in the perfect strategy.

The strategy you use for the phantasmal force 5e is the most important thing as the perfect strategy can help you get the win without even taking a single blow and that is what you will gain after playing the game day after day, gaining experience to the fullest.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

What does the phantasmal force 5e do?

An opponent getting themselves impacted by the phantasmal force 5e gets so interested in the reality of the spell that it is inevitable that the opponent could suffer immense self-damage from the imagination he is having from the spell.

What is the purpose of using the phantasmal force 5e?

The purpose of using this amazing spell is to get your opponent’s troops distracted from the real fight and it will give you momentum on the battlefield making it easy for you to win the fight.

Is there a particular strategy where this spell needs to be used?

Yes, there is definitely a great strategy behind the use of this spell and the strategy is to give your front troops the upper hand in the fight.

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