A Perfect Guide On Shield Spell 5e And Its Uses

Many people know about the game Dungeons and Dragons and many do not have any idea about it.

As we are writing this article for everyone it will be an injustice if we straight jump into the topic of shield spell 5e.

We have decided that we are going to give a basic idea about the game Dungeons and Dragons which will help beginners or people who do not know about the game can know it and then get the idea.

This will help them get the basic concept of what the game Dungeons and Dragons is actually about.

This will also make it easier to understand the real topic that the article intends to give information to the readers about and that is the shield 5e spell.

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Dungeons And Dragons Fifth Edition- The Basic Idea

So let us recap for a moment all you know for now is that Dungeons and Dragons is a game. The game is set up in a virtually imagined supernatural world.

The world that is set in the supernatural realm has no connection with the real world. These kinds of supernatural things are some of the imaginations that we all do in our lives and that is the game-changer in the case of this game.

The supernatural world is amazing to explore and can get you lost in it. The virtual world present in the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition is from all basis supernatural with different kinds of unique characters like tricksters and wizards to name a few.

Many characters are extremely strong and if any human comparison is made with those characters in the game it will be only one word and that is a mismatch.

No human being can stand in front of those characters. Their many characters can also do magic and magic is a big part of the game Dungeons and Dragons.

But the point is that magic is not the most important to be possessed by a troop of yours, the best magic available in the game comes from different kinds of spells that are available in the game for the players to use.

Today the main thing that we are going to give information in this article about is also a spell named shield spell 5e. Before jumping right into it as always we are going to take an insight look at what spells actually are in this game.

An Insight On What Spells Are In The Game Dungeons And Dragons Fifth Edition

shield spell 5e

Spells are the most interesting part of this interesting game named Dungeons and Dragons. You can also refer to the spells as the backbone of the whole idea of this game.

The magic that a spell allows you to perform in the game is a thing of great interest. Magical things are always attractive to human beings and the game has fulfilled that part with the help of the amazing spells that it has introduced in the game for players all around the globe.

We are also going to mention many things about this. The article is only about the shield spell 5e present in Dungeons and Dragons but there are a lot of variations in the spells available in the game.

The spells also fall into different categories like ranged spells, damage spells, healing spells, and many more categories. It is so diverse that it is overwhelming for everyone.

The activities all the spells can do are different in different ways and that is what makes the concept more interesting for players across the world.

As this is a real-time online game where players compete against each other they mustn’t become monotonous and that is where the variation in troops and spells comes into action.

The diversity gives birth to different thinking and different approach by everyone towards fights and this gives birth to different strategies keeping the game interesting for all the players out there competing with each other in this amazing game.

The Basic Things About The Shield Spell 5e Needed To Be Known Before Being Put Into Use

Now it is time that we get into the real thing and that is to give you a little insight into what the shield spell is. Well, by the name only you can understand that the spell is solely used for defensive strategies.

The spell has been a very controversial matter of discussion among all the players of the game Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition.

The spell is seen to be used by many players and is a popular spell among all the players of the online community.

The spell is a very useful thing and can play a major role in certain strategies. As a spell caster also your first priority will be to take fights from a distance.

Who knows?

Maybe on the battlefield things did not go as per your plan then the shield spell 5e can be used by you in order to buy yourself and your teammates some time to gather yourselves up, put the messy situation on a hold, and continue the fight in position in a more effective manner.

This is why this spell is so popular among the players in the online community, the time that it gives the player if anything goes wrong and the effectiveness of the spell is undeniably the most significant in fights which might be combat or also buying some time to cast another spell to destroy the enemies.

The Working Of The Shield Spell 5e When Used On The Battlefield

shield spell 5e

We have already come through what the spell is used for and that is for defensive purposes in many cases but now it is time to know how the spell is used and why it is so beneficial. The spell has a very specific way of functioning.

The functioning is very simple along with the process of the spell being cast. The spell takes very little time to cast and lasts a long. After the spell is cast an invisible wall is created by it which will not let any of the attacks by your opponent affect you.

The spell also gives you the power to launch a magic missile and after the invisible guard is gone for a little amount of time the attack counter value of the spell caster goes up by a five more damage extent which is actually great in critical fights.

If we talk about online games critical fights are seen very much and using all the abilities that the spell gives you properly can help you win any fight without any hesitation.

The D&D 5e Shield spell is one of the greatest components or spells used in the game. We are going to provide all the implications of this spell in a very particular manner in the next segment.

So do not skip any part of the article and get all the things that you need to know in order to use the shield spell 5e in the game Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition.

The game of Dungeons and Dragons needs to know about the shield spell 5e

There are many things that you need to know before using the spell. Most of the things will be known to you once you start using the spell in fights and will gain all the knowledge about this game but now we are going to explain all the things that are needed for you to know which are the basics.

So the most important things that a person needs to know before using the shield 5e in the game are as follows:

  • Sorcerers and Wizards are the only two groups that have the access to this spell.
  • The spell takes up only one slot of the spells to cast on the battlefields.
  • The shield spell can only be useful if you do the attacks with perfect strategy and can be useful with only two units.
  • “Magic missile” is not an attack, and thus damage is instantaneous, players that want to attack using the “magic missile” should first state that they wish to cast it, not just target someone and cast it.
  • See the gameplay of KrisfromGTW in order to know the use of this particular spell to make the prior announcement of different attacks before making any kind of attack.


We are happy to have been able to provide you with all the information that is needed to use the shield spell 5e. Hope you enjoy reading this article.

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