Twinned Spell 5E And Its Uses

Hello, Dungeons and Dragon lovers, today we are going to discuss an amazing topic and that is twinned spell 5e. So without wasting the time let’s dive into the main topic.

Dungeons and Dragons popularly abbreviated as dnd is a massively popular game video game. The pioneer version was a tabletop physical game altogether, with dice and board.

The digital transformation of the game has brought a whole new fan base. The most attractive things in D&D are the characters, the spells, the levels, and of course the story.

The story and the sessions are set in a way that anyone playing it for the first time or regularly will be intrigued by it. As this is a multiplayer roleplaying game, so your friends are your assets, though you can even play it by yourself.

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Why It’s Popular

twinned spell 5e

The graphics are eye-soothing and certainly, the pre-generated characters make the game livelier. The preset characters include the pre-generated warriors, scoundrels, mages, healers, etc.

And while you start the game you will confront numerous characters in the character sheets. And here comes the new 5th edition characters which have taken the game to a new level.

After you plug in you chose your race, then you get to choose your character, whether a fighter or a wizard, you custom your role gives a back story to it and you are all set for the quest.

Now when a quest comes into play, magical spells play a big role in dnd. Without the knowledge of spells in dnd, you are a mere half-warrior. You cannot imagine your online dnd game session to be fascinating if you don’t use the spells.

A few of the strongest spells in D&D are namely, magic jar, heat metal, glibness, imprisonment, geas, teleportation circle wish, and of course the infamous twinned spell 5e of dnd.

The players are equipped with this notorious spell, if used properly and with the best knowledge then it is certainly a spell you would like to be the master of.

The 5e twinned spell is a new sensation among the fans of dnd. Let’s see what it does, how to use it, and where to use it.

What Is DND 5E Twinned Spell?

To get the taste of the twinned spell one must reach the level to have the power to use Metamagic. Metamagic is the criteria where the player can bend, twist and turn the spells they use in any way they want for the best result against their foe.

The spellcasters or the wizards have numerous options under Metamagic that they can use and one of them is twinned spell 5e of dnd. It is not just another simple spell, it is one of a kind and a good magical weapon that the sorcerer can use.

Your role can unlock the use of the spell from level 3, where you are allowed to use one spell to attack two different creatures correspondingly.

In the 10th level, you get the chance to add an extra target to the pair and on the 17th level, you can get to have 4 targets with the spell you will be using.

Don’t you think this will make you a master wizard? But everything comes with certain constrictions, let us see what are the rules and regulations for spell 5e of dnd are.

Rules And Regulations Of Sorcerer 5E Twinned Spell

twinned spell 5e

The player’s handbook does give you a brief idea of what the twinned spell is all about, it says:

“When you cast a spell that targets only one creature and doesn’t have a range of self, you can spend several sorcery points equal to the spell’s level to target a second creature in range with the same spell (1 sorcery point if the spell is a cantrip).

To be eligible, a spell must be incapable of targeting more than one creature at the spell’s current level.”

 For example, magic missiles and scorching rays aren’t eligible, but a ray of frost and the chromatic orb is.

So in a way, one can say that in d&d 5e twinned spell same targets are not the goal but different targets as well.

But one must be very well aware to use the spell for the best outcome, so precisely to use the twinned spell 5e of dnd one must keep the following things in mind.

  • To use the twinned spell, the spells in use must not be capable of targeting two creatures at the same time. This can make it clear that spells like the scorching ray or the magic missile cannot be used, whereas the spell ray of frost can be used.
  • You can cast the spell on only one creature in front. You cannot target two creatures.
  • The spell can be used only when there is no self-range. It means that if you fall under the range of the spell then it won’t work.

So now you can get an idea that on what circumstances the use of twinned spell 5eof dnd can be discontinued. It can happen if any of the spells in the pair or set has the following factors.

  • If any of the spells is having a range of self then it can be used for twinning.
  • The spell is capable of targeting an object
  • If a spell is capable of targeting more than one foe or creature at the same time and affects them both, then it can be used. This is a thing to keep in mind as the potential of a spell increases along with the levels you are in.
  • If the spell allows a creature to make a saving throw before the time duration of the casted spell expires.

The Concentration Of Twinned Spell 5E On D&D

twinned spell 5e

So what is exactly the concentration of a spell, it is basically that while casting the spell to a creature the spell caster will need to have concentration on it, it needs to be under the plane of sight and also in the viewing range, for the spell to work properly.

Now we know that the twinned spell Metamagic is a unique spell that is used against foes, so the dnd twinned spell concentration in the 5th edition of the game is set very interestingly.

As in the game, one wizard cannot concentrate on two spells at a time but in spell 5e on dnd, one spell is used to target two targets so the concentration of the spell caster does not get hampered in a way.

The concentration of the spell 5e on dnd can only be lost if the creature attacked gets out of your range or away from the line of sight.

Below We Have The Best-Twinned Spell 5E Collection Level-Wise

Cantrips- Frostbite, a ray of frost, and lightning lure are one of the best pickups. You can also try to use toll the dead, vicious mockery, and thorn whip. Other spells are firebolt, shocking grasp, chill touch, etc.

Level 1Chaos bolt 5E twinned spell is the best thing you can get. Yet though there are certain circumstances with the use, using it as an option won’t let you down. Other spells you can use are Beast bond, hex, the shield of faith, guiding bolt, chromatic orb, etc.

Level 2 –Barkskin, levitate, mind spike, dark vision, animal messenger, spider climb, a ray of enfeeblement, and phantasmal force are a few of the cool magical spells you can use for twinned spell 5E in dnd.  

To flee away or fight against a humanoid or goblin, spells like invisibility, and hold a person can be effective.

Level 3 –the most efficient spells in here are, bestow curse, dispel magic, feign death, intellect fortress, etc. Well, when the talk is about twinned spell 5E while playing and having melee combat then haste is the spell to use.

Level 4 – To specialize in the twined spell 5e, specifically in the mid-level, then the spell banishment should be your choice. Other crucial spells are Polymorph, dominate beast, death ward, blight, Stoneskin, etc.

Level 5 – In d&d 5E twinned spell Eldtritch blast, is one of the best to use as a twinned spell. As the eldritch blast does not have a shelf range so it is a good option.

Level 6 – mental prison, and disintegrate are evil spells you can try. Other interesting spells to use are Otto’s irresistible dance, true seeing, flesh to stone, etc.

Level 7 – Resurrection, sequester, and simulacrum are good options to use for twinned spell 5e.

Level 8 – Feeblemind, clone, and maze are the crucial spells. Alternatives are mind blank, power word stun, reality break, etc.

Level 9 – imprisonment, time ravage, and foresight are a few of the many options available for twinned spell 5e.


So if a friend asks you, ‘can twinned spell be cast at multiple targets in 5e on dnd?’ the answer includes a lot of things yet is simple.

As mentioned above with levels with the potentiality of the twinned spell getting increased, even with that, the above-stated criteria to use a twinned spell is something to know and ponder about to answer your friend’s question.

Well, you can only get better at choosing the right spells to cherish and relish the twinned spell 5e feature on Dungeons and Dragons. So what are you waiting for plugin and cast your spells wizard?

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