IS Wizard Spells 5e One Of The Powerful Spell

There are many things to discuss the wizard spells 5e, but before doing that there is certain information that you need to know.

The basic thing that you need to know before getting into the discussion of the spells is the concept of the game named Dungeons And Dragons.

The game has been growing its popularity among people of all age groups and has a very dedicated fan following of its own.

The game got a fan following which includes people who love strategy games and also people who love battlefield combat.

This shows that the game has been able to stand out and we are going to discuss it.

What makes the game The Dungeons And Dragons Fifth edition so much popular?

We have already mentioned in the introduction that the game has been growing its fan following exponentially.

People of different age groups are getting attracted to it and also people who love different types of games are there in this fan following.

The question that arises is how is it doing that and the answer to this question is the basic concept of the game.

The game starts in an imaginative virtual world full of exciting things all around. People all around the world compete against each other in online mode.

The concept of the game is that you will be given a base of your own which you will have to protect from other players online and also you can have fights with other players on a battlefield online.

The game has a touch of using good strategy in the manner you make your base to make the defense of your base inevitable and also what kind or combination of troops you will be using on the battlefield to keep your army balanced which will help you to destroy your opponents.

The entry of the magical items in the game The Dungeons And Dragons Fifth edition

This is where the combat fans get the interest. That is how and what way they want to make the fight go with their troops on the battlefield manually.

There are a huge variety of troops in the game and also some magical items that act as the supporting system for your troops. The most known magical item in the game is the spells which are of various types.

Types include support for your troops like making your troops strong or weakening the opponent’s troops, causing damage to your opponent’s troops, healing your troops if needed, and so on.

The particular spells that we are going to talk about today are the wizard spells 5e.

There is a variety of these spells and we are going to mention all the information that you need to know in order to use the spells to their fullest extent and can get an upper hand against your opponents on the battlefield with they trying to defend and you taking the offensive stance.

A brief idea about the wizards and the D&D 5e Wizard Spells

wizard spells 5e

When we go into the virtual world of Dungeons And Dragons Fifth edition we will see many troops which possess different abilities.

Troops with great physical strength and some with great intelligence then come to the troops who have both abilities balanced.

The wizards in the game come under the second category of the troops which is the creatures that possess a high level of intelligence and can act as the back support to the troops which are strong and that is possible because of the 5e Wizard Spells.

You can ask any player of the game who are playing it for a while now which troops got the best list of spells available to them.

The answer you will surely get is that of the wizards. There is no such spell that the wizards cannot cast and that is because the wizards have this unique ability to learn the D&D 5e Wizard Spells by School.

They used to write those spells in a spellbook that they have in their possession and they are the only creatures who have it.

The wizard ritual spells 5e

Wizards in the game can be used to their full potential as spell casters on the battlefield. They are considered to be ritual casters with the possession of the wizard ritual spells 5e.

Being the only troop to be a ritual caster the wizards have a great advantage over the other spell-casting troops.

Unlike the other spell-casting troops, the wizards can without any problem add more and more spells into their library of the spell by adding the spells in their spellbooks. This also allows them to not cut off the spells that they can cast daily.

You will find while playing the game that many creatures can cast the same spells just like the wizards.

But wizards got this unique ability to cast any spell as a ritual making the effectiveness of the spell.

The rituals are very important for the 5e Wizard Learning Spells. Collecting all the different rituals is the most important for a player to do if they want to use wizards on the battlefield because the class can only be used at its full potential if and only if there are many rituals that the wizards can cast in the form of spells.

The various types of cantrip wizard spell 5e

wizard spells 5e

The wizards got a high number of variations in their options of spells. The cantrip is one kind of spell that wizards can cast.

These are some of the easiest and most often used spells by players when they use wizards as spell casters on the battlefield.

Acid Splash

We are starting off the list with spells that are not much used but are very useful in certain situations if used properly.

This spell is considered to be a low damage spell if compared to the other cantrips but unlike most of the other cantrips, it can cause damage to multiple targets if it rang, and the total damage if two targets are there is more than any other spell.

Blade Ward

This is also a spell that helps you cause some damage to the enemy. This will not let the enemy dodge the attacks from your troops and help you give the most damage possible to your opponents in situations like that. This is a spell that can be relied on on the battlefield.

Booming Blade

This is a spell that can be cast by the wizards but is not of much use to them. This spell is best suited for blade slingers and wizards are not the ideal option for casting this spell.

Chill Touch

This is one of the most used damage cantrips by the players of the game. It has the same range as a spell-named firebolt but got less damage. This less damage disadvantage is backed up by another thing which is the type of damage this cantrip does.

The damage done to your opponent by this is very effective because the opponent cannot heal more after the damage which is a great advantage.

Control Flames

This is not a spell that you will use at all. This is one of the most obsolete spells in the game and is seen on the battlefield unless in the early stages of the game.

Create Bonfire

This is a spell that can be considered cheap and also does ranged damage. In order for this spell to be effective, your enemy has to be in the range of the bonfire, you’re created.

That is the place where a good strategy is needed for this spell so that you can grapple your enemy in the range of the bonfire and give them as much damage as possible with the help of this spell.

Dancing Lights

This is a wizard spell 5e that can be used by you as a distraction for the troops of your opponents and you deal damage to them when they are distracted.

Encode Thoughts

Yet another spell that has become obsolete with the evolution of the strategies used by the players on the battlefield. You do not need to know about this spell at all.

Fire Bolt

This is a spell we have already mentioned while talking about Chill Touch. It is a cantrip spell that can cause solid damage to your opponents and is the best option for cantrip damage for you on the battlefield. This is a great option for players who want just damage to be done to their opponents.


Just by the name, you can understand what this spell does. With the help of this spell, you can turn an enemy troop into your friend for one minute which is not a long time.

This spell is mostly used so that you can talk a creature through quickly which is standing as a guard for your opponent on the gate.


This spell is low damage as compared to other cantrip spells but can slow down the opponent’s next attack and that is what this spell is used for. So it is a very good spell of used properly.

Mage Hand

This spell helps you to move things without risking your own hands. This is an amazing spell that can help you displace some defense of the opponent which will, in turn, help you win the battle without taking high damage or without risking your own troops.

Mind Silver

This spell does psychic damage and as psychic damage can only be resisted by intelligence save it is a great advantage. Intelligence saves is very rare as it is very hard to execute and hence this spell is very hard to resist.

Minor Illusion

Just by the name of this spell you can understand what the purpose of this spell is. It will make the enemy troops see illusions of something distracting them for a certain period of time helping you and your troops to deal free damage to them without facing any damage or resistance from the other side.

The best Level 1 wizard spells in DND 5e

wizard spells 5e

We are going to mention all the best spells from level one to five that are possessed by the wizards. Here the best level 1 wizard spells are as follows:

Absorb Elements

The best defensive option for spells of level 1. This will help you absorb the damage from the enemy which you can in your next attack use against your enemy making the spell defensive as well as offensive.


After a long and hard fight you want your troops to take some rest and that is when you want this spell to be cast. You have to cast this spell as a ritual before going to take a long rest.

Charm Person

This is a damage spell that is cast on an opponent while it does not notice you and the best part is that your opponent will not know about the damage caused and hence at a disadvantage when it comes to a fight directly against your troops.

Comprehend Languages

This will help to get different information about your troops and the opponent’s troops. This spell is a self-implementation and so can only work when the thing you are trying to communicate to also has a solution.

Feather Fall

This will make your opponent fall from a place at a certain height which is very embarrassing for them and will die which will make them angry and in this case will not be able to follow their own strategy making them fall at a big disadvantage.

Magic Missile

This spell will launch an invisible missile at your opponents hence they cannot resist the damage which is as high as 10.5 and is the spell with the best damage type in the game.

The best level 2 wizard spells 5e

Here we are going to mention the absolute best level 2 wizard spells 5e.


This is one of the best divination wizard 5e spells because it allows us to get some hints from our DM by asking them politely.

Continual Flame

This is the most reliable source of light. Casing this as a ritual is the best option because it will allow you to have light without casting any spell of light or having to light a torch.


You already know what this can do just by looking at the name of the spell. It gives your troops the ability to see everything clearly at nighttime.

Enhance Ability

This spell will help you copy an attack of your opponent and in turn, use that against them. This is a great spell in order to surprise your opponents and make them panic.

The best level 3 wizard spells 5e

Here we are going to mention the absolute best level 3 wizard spells.

Bestow Curse

The spell is very versatile and can help you with any kind of situation so that you can handle any situation without any problem.


Well, a good counterspell for everyone and can work perfectly when making preparations for a counter-attack.


This spell casts a fireball that does area splash damage against your opponents. This spell does almost double the damage done by Fire Bolt and Chill Touch. So this is a very good option among damage spells.

Major Image

This spell when cast does not allow your opponents to make a saving throw against any of your attacks and is hence a very good strategic spell to get the whip hand in the fight.

The best level 4 wizard spells 5e

Here we are going to mention the absolute best level 4 wizard spells.

Arcane Eyes

This spell will help you, scout, through your opponent’s territory without sending any troops there. This is the best scouting spell in the game The Dungeons and Dragons 5e.


This spell is great when you perfectly and absolutely trash when used with even a little bit of error. We can say that this spell is a do-or-die but it has a very high success rate.

The above two are the absolute best and unique among the spells of level 4 and all the other level 4 spells are decent.

The best level 5 wizard spells 5e

wizard spells 5e

Each and every level 5 wizard spell 5e is great. There is no need of having to mention some uniquely because all high-level spells are the absolute best and are used according to what strategy you are approaching a fight.


With all this information available to you, it will be very easy to know which spell can be used in what situation.

The wizard spells 5e are vast in number and you have to use them according to your strategy which should be decided by you.

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