What Is Hellish Rebuke 5e

Hellish Rebuke 5e is a first-level evocation spell of Dungeons and Dragon’s fifth edition. When enemies attack players within range, they can use their reaction to unleash the spell.

The spell creates a fiery burst that deals fire damage to the attacker and half that amount of damage on a successful saving throw.

Features of Hellish Rebuke 5e Spell

Hellish rebuke 5e

The Hellish Rebuke 5e spell in 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons has several features that make it unique and effective in combat:

Evocation Spell

This is an evocation spell, which means it is focused on manipulating magical energy to create a specific effect. In this case, the effect is a burst of fire that damages an attacking creature.

Reaction Spell

Hellish Rebuke 5e is a reaction spell, meaning a player can use it in response to an attack against them.

This makes it an excellent defensive spell, allowing players to inflict damage on their attacker while defending themselves.

Damage Output

This spell deals 2d10 fire damage to the target creature. This is significant damage for a first-level spell and can be especially effective against creatures vulnerable to fire damage.

Saving Throw

The target creature can save itself by making a Dexterity saving throw which does only half the damage from Hellish Rebuke.

This means the spell is not guaranteed to deal total damage, and its effectiveness can vary depending on the target’s abilities.


This spell has a range of 60 feet, meaning the player must be within 60 feet of their attacker to use the spell.

This range is relatively short compared to other spells, so players must position themselves strategically to use it effectively.

Advantages of Hellish Rebuke 5e Spell

Hellish rebuke 5e

There are certain advantages of this beautiful spell in the game.


This spell can be used against any enemy as long as they are within range. This makes it an excellent spell for you, as it can be used in various situations.

No Material Components

This spell does not require any material components to cast, so players do not need to spend money or gather rare components to use it.

Deals fire damage

Many creatures in the game are highly vulnerable to fire damage. Thus this spell can be effective against those creatures.

Disadvantages of Hellish Rebuke 5e Spell

Hellish rebuke 5e

Just like the advantages, there are some disadvantages as well.

Limited Uses

Hellish Rebuke can only be used once per turn, so players must choose when to use it wisely. This can limit its usefulness in more prolonged battles.

Single Target

This particular spell only targets a single creature, which can make it less useful when facing multiple enemies at once.

Damage Only

Hellish Rebuke has no additional effects, like stun or debuff, making it less versatile than other spells.

Final Words

Thus, this spell is handy for people playing Dungeons and Dragons. Hellish Rebuke 5e is a powerful spell that can quickly deal with much damage, has a versatile range of targets, and can be used efficiently with a single spell slot.

While it has some limitations and drawbacks, it can be a valuable tool in a playing player’ arsenal.


How much damage does Hellish Rebuke do?

Hellish Rebuke deals 2d10 fire damage at the first level, with an additional 1d10 for each level above the first level.

Does Hellish Rebuke need any attack roll?

No, Hellish Rebuke does not need an attack roll. The target must make a Dexterity saving throw to avoid the damage.

Is Hellish Rebuke a good spell? Why?

Yes. Hellish Rebuke is a perfect spell. This is because it has the most significant average damage compared to other 1st-level Warlock spells.

Who can cast Hellish Rebuke in D&D 5e?

The Hellish Rebuke 5e spell can only be cast by the Warlocks naturally.

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