Cure Wounds 5e Spell: Unveil Crucial Aspects Regarding It

Before we begin you must know what is cure wounds 5e. Is it profitable? The cure wounds are a healing spell that is used by bards, druids, clerics, rangers, and paladins.

It is known as the 1st level evocation spell and this staple is a healing spell for the healers as it is mainly considered for healing class spell lists.

The rangers can take the spell to another level that is level 2 where they gain access to the specific spell-casting feature.

The divine soul grants access to the complete cleric spell list which includes cure wounds.

Here the creature you touch will regain the number of hit points that is equal to 1d8 along with spell casting ability modifier.

Let’s gain adequate information regarding it at the points listed below.

cure wounds 5e

Cure wounds spell: what is it?

The cure wounds dnd 5e is a straightforward healing spell that represents the basis of the healer’s toolkit along with the specific word.

When they touch their ally then it will heal their wounds while using the higher-level spell spots.

With this, the power of the spell will be increased and allow you to easily heal severe wounds. On top of that, this spell does not affect the undead whereas the casting time is only 1 action.

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Cure wounds in 5E: who can cast it? 

The following classes can cure the wounds via the spell list i.e.: –

  • Paladin
  • Ranger
  • Druid
  • Bard
  • Cleric
  • Artificer

At the listed, we’ve mentioned some subclasses to get the ability to cure wounds for free: –

  • Druid (Circle of Wildfire)
  • Sorcerer (Divine soul – good affinity)
  • Cleric (life domain)
  • Warlock (The Celestial)

Cure wounds 5e: how does it work?

When it comes to mass cure wounds 5e then there are certain aspects to know about it. The wave of healing energy that can easily wash out from the point according to your preference within a specific range.

Here you can select up to six creatures that are in the radius of a 30-foot sphere.

Numerous targets can regain the hit points that are equal to 3d8+the spell casting ability modifier. It does not affect undead or constructs.

The spell text notes state that the increased spell level of about 1st will elevate the number of dice as you roll to get more points.

There’s a situation that is known as the death yo-yo-ing that is helpful to bring back alive and regain consciousness. If you have a small amount of HP then you might immediately die again.

Even though this situation cannot be severe or lethal but some games have mines included.

cure wounds 5e

Is cure wounds a great spell?

The cure wounds 5e is a helpful spell when your character has the option to take a healing word.

The healing word is denoted as the bonus action whereas the cure wounds 5e might take the complete action.

On top of that, if such a spell is your only initial or 1st level of healing spell then it will be beneficial to have something rather than lose everything.

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Can you use the cast to cure wounds? 

We all know that cure wounds is a classic healing spell. On top of that, different versions of the spell are readily available in every RPG on the planet.

The effects of the spell bolster an ally’s health enabling them to continue fighting.

But the main question is whether they are willing to give up an attack or action to help their comrade.

Commonly, the main advantage of cure wounds 5e is overshadowed by fall and nostalgia for being highly impactful.

However, the cure wounds can restore the comrade’s complete health which can be denoted as the difference between life and death.

Moreover, the characters have more niches and the spell slots are incredibly limited. So you need to prioritize using spells but the fact is the spell slots are limited.

This is why you need to use the healing spell that is going to reduce the impact of casters during battle.

It can make the character feel unworthy of the given opportunity and this is the right time to use the cure wounds 5e spell.

Cure wounds at 1st level heal 1d8+ modifier whereas +3, in this case, is given. If the cleric casts the spell and rolls around the average of 4 then the player will heal 7 hit points.

It concludes the cleric’s turn whereas the next turn shows goblin hits again.

(Pro tip): the importance and impact of healing spells rely on the availability of options. If the party has different potions of healing then the spells might be less important.

On top of that, these potions are highly effective but they don’t consider the caster’s action.

However, if the potions are far then it might consider the healing spells that are the finest thing to go for.

cure wounds 5e

The cure wounds VS. healing word: 

The healing word 5e is capable of reducing the impact or benefit obtained from cure wounds. The best thing about cure wounds or any specific healing spell is the role that keeps teammates alive and well.

On opt of that, it takes only one point of healing to get someone back on their feet. But if we do a quick comparison between cure wounds and healing words to notice which one is better then consider the listed points.

Cure wounds:

The wand of cure light wounds 5e emits a soft blue glow when it touches a living creature. It can channel the positive energy that can conveniently cure 1d8+1 points of damage.

Therefore, the undead can be powered by negative energy as this spell deals with damage.

  • Touch-based
  • Verbal and somatic components
  • Takes action
  • Heal 1d8+Mod (+1d8 per level above 1st)

Healing word: 

  • Verbal components
  • Takes the bonus action
  • Heal 1d4+Mod
  • 30-foot range

It is easy to notice which one is better and why as the main goal is to keep your teammates alive.

But you should beware of the fact that it takes only 1 point of the magical healing to keep someone in action.

Pro tips: The healing word is intended for the class of choice. There’s a specific list of casters who are capable of using the healing word that is small than the cure wounds.

The characters can get benefits from the spell which can heal them additionally independently without dealing with damage.


We hope you like this guide on cure wounds 5e and that your all doubts have been cleared now. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comment section.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

How wand of cure light wounds 5e effective?

The wand with a specific level spell in the caster level 1 is highly effective. The users can create an item with any caster level when there’s a minimum need to cast the spell.

Is cure wounds effective on the undead?

When creatures touch you then it regains the number of hit points that is similar to the 1d8+ along with the spell-casting ability modifier. It is a spell that does not affect the constructs or undead.

What type of spell is cure wounds 5e?

Cure wounds is an early healing spell that is used by bards, paladins, druids, clerics, and rangers. It isn’t capable of healing much but it can perform its job at 1st level of the evocation spell.

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