100+ Powerful Harry Potter Spells

With the new Hogwarts Legacy game out and the immense popularity in the discussion it is garnering, it is quite certain that the craze around Harry Potter and Harry Potter spells is far from over.

We all want to know how Harry did what he did. It is perhaps more about knowing where to use your different magical spells rather than possessing all kinds of spells yourself.

There is always a chance of knowing, understanding, and using the spells from Harry Potter in different gaming (as well as mental, who are we kidding!) scenarios to create an interesting playtime.

That is why we were so excited to bring you a guide to all spells with their meaning and origin all in one place.

Know what you are looking at

Spells and charms have great significance in the world of Harry Potter fiction as well as fan fiction. It can easily be expected since we all know that Harry Potter is the most famous literary work of magic – in a magical world-building setting – ever to exist.

According to the world of Harry Potter, there are two types of people. Those who are destined to exist in a narrow materialistic world and cannot cast spells – muggles – and others who are open to and learning at depth in the world of different kinds of spells and magical activities.

And this is what exactly Harry Potter and his friends are doing in Hogwarts school.

But to keep a clear account of all spells, we have to go beyond the spells that we can see in use around the Hogwarts campus. We must go further from what Harry Potter learned to his adventures.

A true account of a to z iPhone Harry Potter spells Siri – of course, what you are here for – will need us to make an account of every spell ever orated by any character across the entire Harry Potter series. But after all, that is what makes it interesting. Does it not?

Why should we keep an account?

harry potter spells

There is no limit to how many times Harry Potter fans can rewatch or reread the series. Therefore, every time we gather a new piece of information, it gives us the excuse to revisit the entire story from a new angle.

That is why an entire comprehensive account of all of Harry Potter will clarify many things when we go back to the story again and will also cement in our minds the names of spells and works they did that we have now forgotten.

Most importantly, a list of these kinds creates an order of the different powers that coexist in the wizarding world – some of which Hogwarts would rather you never acknowledge.

It is fun to put it all in one place

The strongest reason to give an account of all Harry Potter spells and chances is because of the fun it is to do so.

There is a certain amount of thrill in researching your favorite literature and keeping in touch with the characters in stories that have shaped who you are.

It is one of the primary reasons behind our research on the different kinds of spells used in the world of Harry Potter.

It helps us understand in depth the world in which Harry Potter lived

The world in which Harry Potter lives is so complex and beautiful that it takes several decades to understand it truly.

With the creation of newer games and movies in the 2010s, this complexity has only increased in nature.

It makes it even more curious to understand how magic works in the highly mysterious places that Harry Potter lives in and how we can use this magic to our own benefit.

It helps us understand conflicts well.

There are so many different conflicts going around in different schools, as well as with Harry Potter and other people throughout the stories.

Once you understand the true meanings of all the spells used by different people, it becomes easier to make assumptions about their character in intention through this knowledge.

That is one of the main reasons for the contracts in the first place and why Hogwarts has such strict regulations about using magic.

Games make use of in-depth Harry Potter spell knowledge.

Of course, all practical credit that sanctions our making this list goes to the games like Hogwarts Legacy, which have shaped Harry Potter in 2022.

This highly awaited game has already been released. It is a fascinating, realistic game in which you are given a chance to meet different characters and form different decisions from a magical action thriller perspective.

Even before this, they have been many games that have made use of this Harry Potter spell knowledge for their games, and knowing all the space comes really handy in such cases.

Give us a better understanding of character strengths and flaws.

Again since magic is such an integral part of the Harry Potter spells and magic world, it is understandable that knowing more about the spells and where they are used gives us better insight into character strengths and flaws.

It is a time of origin stories and sequels regarding our favorite franchises. Naturally, we want to form our theories about the deepest secrets of all characters we have encountered in our favorite franchise. Once you read the list below carefully, you will definitely be able to do this.

All spells have different origins.

All spells have their histories in origins as well in the story. This as per has something to do with the idea of how strong these spells really are and how much of an impact they leave on the course of the tale.

These kinds of spells also include those which are forbidden. At least in the school, as Harry Potter knows it.

When we know how many spaces they truly are and how they have been used, we will be able to understand better why they came into existence in the first place and also about their possible origins.

All spells have linguistic origins.

Most of the Harry Potter spells have different linguistic origins from languages worldwide. Yes, indeed, they are not gibberish; they take inspiration from Latin, Sanskrit, the Middle East still languages and dialects, Asian languages, African languages and events, and South American languages and variations.

With ethical questions of doing so aside, it cannot be denied that understanding the linguistic origins behind the spells that we know so well or are yet becoming aware of is essential.

Spells have many subdivisions in the wizarding world

There are many different kinds of spells. They are divided into good spells. These bad spells, the easy spells, and the hard spells, and differences in type and function.

For example, all magical possibilities are classified as spells, charms, hexes, enchantments, jinxes, and curses.

In all practicality, some of these cells can even be classified as boons or wish granters. There is so much to learn and understand about the Harry Potter spells that it is simply mind-blowing!

It helps us understand why certain spells are banned

What are the forbidden spells? Why are they named so? It is so important when you go into the history and world of Hogwarts school.

Why do the four houses have different rules? Why have the masters kept so much important information from the students for what they classify to be decisions taken for their own good? How much exists in the stories that we have not yet paid attention to?

Various types of magic and what they mean

harry potter spells

Even though the world spell has come to classify every magical command these days, the spell was originally different from other magical commands that also existed side by side with it.

As we have mentioned briefly, these are the enchantments, charms, hexes, jinxes, and curses. Letters first pay attention to what these are before removal to our beloved table.


Spells of all kinds, good or bad. Anything you can directly cast on any individual or animal to drastically alter their life is considered a spell.

Spells can be temporary or permanent, even though the former is quite more common since every spell also has its own counter spell – mostly that is.

Spells can also have a hypnotic effect or bind an individual or object to submit to your will. Everything and anything can be done by a spell as long as we remember the ritual and can pronounce it clearly, and choose the right spell at the right time.


Humankind has always been fascinated with the idea of curses. Almost every culture believes in curses, not just the fictional world.

Curses are usually bad magical commands that are intended to cause harm to the object on which they are cast.

Some cultures believe that magicians and powerful people can cast curses just by uttering the wish under their breath in anger. Quite powerful if you ask us.


Jinx is probably also a kind of curse but a relatively harmless one. Curses are usually permanent unless they have a counter spell, but jinxes simply just attract bad luck.

At most, these spells or magical commands are intended to make life harder and more annoying for the object. They are fun. However, they are not fatal.


As with most other names in this section, charms are also something that heavily influences our real life. They are still being created and sold by magical practitioners in the real world. They are considered to be the easiest of all magic.

Charms provide good luck and protect the object from negative energies and other magical commands shortly. As long as you follow the rules, some of these charms last very long. But it is not that simple in the Harry Potter world, however.


Enchantment usually refers to the ability to transfer your own magical power or at least some part of it into another person or weapon. It is actually a great method when you are fighting battles.

However, it is important to remember that this type of enchantment we just mentioned is called magic enchantment and is one of the most powerful forms.

There are other low-level and high-level enchantments as well, which are not this powerful but are still pretty effective if used wisely.

The complete Harry Potter spells list

harry potter spells

We have also added a bit of description on the side for each spell and hope you will enjoy this list to the fullest.

So here are The Harry Potter spells and what they do directly from the Harry Potter spell book.

AbertoA spell to open anything
AccioThis spell calls any object to the required place. The Harry Potter Accio spell is pretty helpful in times of need.
Age LineBasically, an age restriction spells
AguamentiThis is the Harry Potter water spell
Alarte AscendareLaunches things into the sky
AlohomoraThe Harry Potter unlock spell, here it is.
AnapneoGood for video games. This spell clears the path for an airway launch.
AnteoculatiaPretty silly, this one turns your hair into a pair of antlers.
Anti-CheatingThis one prevents students from cheating on exams and is one of the most hated spells in Hogwarts.
ApareciumThis spell makes invisible ink visible.
ApparateIt is the Harry Potter teleport spell
Appare VestigiumIt shows a search history of spells used recently in that geographical area
Arania ExumaiIt protects from SpiDers. One of those Harry Potter’s most useful spells indeed.
Aqua EructoAnother water jet spell
Arresto MomentumArrests or capture the momentum of objects in motion
AscendioPropels an object upwards
Avada KedavraThis spell is the Harry Potter Killing Spell. It is forbidden.
AvenseguimIt helps to track people or objects.
AviforsIt Creates living birds out of objects.
AvisThis spell creates birds out of the tip of your wand.
Babbling CurseIt causes a person to babble
BaubilliousThis spell causes damage
Bluebell FlamesIt shoots blue flames
BombardaExplosions are made to happen
Bombarda MaximaEven larger explosions
Bubble HeadIt creates a protective air bubble around our heads.
CalvarioThis spell causes hair falls to happen.
CantisCompulsive singing
Carpe RetractumA rope to grab things far away through the wand
CascadingIt causes damage
CaterwaulingScreams at enemies that are hiding
Cave InimicumRings an alarm at hiding enemies
CheeringForcing someone to be too happy
Cistem AperioThis spell opens objects.
ColloportusThe opposite of Alohomora – this one locks doors.
ColloshooShoes are glued to the ground
ColovariaThis spell changes the color of anything.
Combat BoltIt charges a bolt at the enemy.
ConfringoIt charges flames at the enemy..
ConfundusIt confuses the enemy mentally..
ConjunctivitisThis spell causes damage to vision through Conjunctivitis.
Cornflake SkinThis spell causes damage to cereal skin.
CrucioTorture. It is a forbidden spell.
CushioningThis spell gives a cushion before contact with the ground in a fall.
DefodioDigging spell
DeletriusCounterspell to prior Incanto
DensaugeoIt gives someone huge teeth.
DeprimoIt causes damage through the wind.
DepulsoShoos away
DescendoPropel an object downwards
DiffindoThis spell unclothes a person by causing their clothes to fall apart.
DiminuendoThis spell causes the target to shrink.
Dissendiumunblocks passageways
DisillusionmentA chameleon spell
DuroHardened the target
DraconiforsYou get to turn into an actual dragon. This spell is a video game spell.
DroughtDries up water bodies and pits filled with water.
DuckliforsTurn objects into ducks- Another bird-obsessive spell.
Ears to KumquatsEars but Kumquats
Ear ShrivelingShriveled ears causing problems with hearing
EbublioProtective air bubble for objects
EngorgioIt causes the object to become larger.
Engorgio SkullusThis spell engorges a skull.
EnnervateThis spell counters Stupefy spell.
EntomorphisIt turns the object or person into an insect.
Entrail-ExpellingExpel entrails
EpiskeyThis spell is the Harry Potter healing spell.
EpoximiseIt binds objects with one another
ErectoIt builds objects together
EvanesceThe disappearance spell on objects.
EvanescoAnother disappearance spell on objects
Everte StatumThis spell throws a victim on their back.
Expecto PatronumSummons or makes a Patronus
ExpelliarmusDisarm enemy
ExpulsoObject exploding spell
ExtinguishingPutting out other fires
FerulaA medical spell that makes bandages
Fianto DuriA charm of defense
FideliusIt hides a secret.
FiendfyreThis spell is the Harry Potter fire spell, however, it is forbidden and a curse.
FinestraIt destroys windows.
FiniteThis spell completes spells in the caster’s region.
Finite IncantatumIt stops operating spells
FlagranteThis spell burns objects on touch – another variation of a fire spell
FlagrateWriting on objects
Flame FreezingCounter to the flames spell
FlipendoIt makes an object fall on its back.
Flipendo DuoDouble the Flipendo
Flipendo TriaA tornado jinx. This is a video game spell
FlyingThis spell gives objects the capacity to fly
FumosA cloud of smoke used for escape
FurnunculusThis powerful spell boils the skin of the enemy
GeminioThis spell duplicates the look and existence of an object.
GlaciusThis spell is the Harry Potter freezing spell.
Glacius TriaTriple the power of Glacius
GlisseoIt modifies stairs into rolling ramps.
GrippingIt provides a physical grip on things.
Harmonia Nectere PassusIt mends broken things
HerbiforsThis spell grows flowers on a person.
HerbivicusIt is a plant-growing spell.
Homenum RevelioReveals hidden humans in the specific geographical area
HomonculousTrack someone o a map
HomorphusWerewolf cure
HorcruxTransfers soul into objects
IllegibilusIt makes text illegible.
ImmobulusIt makes the target unable to move.
ImpedimentaIt slows down an object moving towards the caster
ImperioThis spell controls someone against their will. This is a forbidden spell.
ImperviusIt makes an object hydrophobic.
IncarcerousBinds enemy
IncendioAnother spell to start a fire
Incendio DuoDouble the Incendio
Incendio TriaTriple the Incendio
InflatusThis spell makes objects inflated.
Informousinformation on beasts
Lacarnum InflamaraeShoots fireball
LanglockGlues tongue to the roof of the mouth
LapiforsThe enemy is transformed into a rabbit
LegilimensAbility to read minds
LevicorpusHangs the enemy upside down. A twisted advantage on the possible Harry Potter dueling spells
Locomotor MortisLocks the legs of the enemy together
LumosThis is the Harry Potter light spell. Lumos Harry Potter spell is one of the most popular and useful spells in existence.
Lumos DuoDouble the Lumos
Lumos MaximaAnother Harry Potter Luminious spell that creates a ball of light.
Lumos SolemIt creates a strong beam of light.
MaledictusChange into a snake for a day
Magicus ExtremosMake any spell more powerful
MeloforsTurn anyone’s head into a pumpkin
Teolojinx RecantoCounter to weather spells
MimblewimbleTongue Tie the enemy
MobiliarbusMove anything
MobilicorpusMove unconscious people
MorsmordeBring back  the Dark Mark
MuffliatoProtect conversation From eavesdrops
MulticorforsChanges colors
Nebulus dense fog spell
NoxHarry Potter spells to turn off lights
Oculus ReparoRepairs spectacles
ObliterationThis spell helps you go incognito.
ObliviateIt removes memories.
ObscuroIt blindfolds the enemy.
OppugnoThis spell attacks with items that you have conjured.
OrbisSticks enemy into the ground
OrchideousIt makes a bouquet of flowers appear.
PackPacks suitcases. Indeed, there are quite some Harry Potter ridiculous spells on this list!
Partis TemporusIt causes gaps in charms
PericulumThis spell creates fireworks.
Permanent StickingCauses object to stick to each  other
Peskipiksi PesternomiRemoves Pixies
Petrificus TotalusBody  bonded
Piertotum LocomotorAnimates statues and armor suits
Point MeWand becomes compass
PortusIt makes an item a Portkey.
Priori IncantatemAfter losing the duel, all recent cat spells of the losing caster are visible
Prior IncantatoReveal the spells last cast
Protego This spell causes a boomerang effect on spells.
Protego DiabolicaIt creates Protective Fire.
Protego HorribilisIt protects from Dark Magic.
Protego MaximaDouble power of Protego Horribilis
Protego TotalumThis is the Harry Potter protection spell for a certain geographic area
QuietusCounterspell – Sonorus
Redactum SkullusThis spell shrinks the Heads of the enemy.
ReducioCounterspell for shrinking and enlargement
ReductoBlasts objects
RelashioReleases from binding
RennervateHeals unconsciousness
ReparoRepairs like new Things in the surrounding
Repello MuggletumIt keeps Muggles far away.
Repello InimicumAnother protection spell that operates over a wide area
RevelioIt brings out Hidden objects.
Riddikuluslaugh to defeat a boggart
Salvio HexiaProtection from hexes
ScourgifyCleaning Charm
ScurgeDestroy ghosts
SectumsempraIt causes sword wounds.
SerpensortiaConjure Snake
SilencioSilences enemy
Slugulus EructoEnemy vomit up slugs
SonorusAmplifies voice
Specialis RevelioThis spell reveals secrets and magical properties.
SteleusThis spell makes the enemy sneeze continuously.
Stinging JinxIt makes the enemy sting and gets a rash.
StupefyIt knocks out the enemy.
SurgitoCounter to the Harry Potter love spell
Switching SpellIt witches objects with each other.
Tarantallegra Forced dance special
Tentaclifors This spell gives the enemy tentacle head.
TergeoIt cleans up the mess.
TransmogrifyDeforms the body of the enemy
Unbreakable VowBreaking a vow under this spell Leads to death
Ventushurricane spell
Ventus DuoDouble the Ventus
Vera Vertoturns animals into water
Verdilliouswand  damage
Vermilliouswand damage
VerdimilliousReveals objects and damages
Verdimillious DuoVerdimillious the double
Vipera Evanesca Counter to the snake spell
Vulnera SanenturHeals victims
Waddiwasi Counter the sticking spell
Wingardium LeviosaFlying spell

What is the linguistic inspiration for Harry Potter spells?

harry potter spells

These spells were created as different versions of words from existing languages that the author fancied.

Therefore, the linguistic inspirations for the spells to exist have come from a wide variety of languages.

Does that mean they are actually words?

No, they are distorted versions of words that exist in other languages but have a weak resemblance.

So, yes, it is true that the spell world of Harry Potter does have its own language – even accent.

  • Most of the words are from Latin. For example, Americium is a version of the Latin word Appareo from which the English word ‘appears’ has also been derived.
  • Alohomora is a derivation of the word from the West African Sidiki dialect and means to be friendly to thieves.
  • Episkey comes from the Greek word Episkeu, which means to repair or restore.
  • The Italian word Allegra combined with another South Italian word, tarantella, has given origin to the spell Tarantallegra, a word that in itself seems to have drawn inspiration from the hysterical mass dances of the middle ages.


Harry Potter spells are bound to impact us in a number of ways, and the impact is different from person to person.

The spells we remember and the scenes we associate them with say a lot about what kind of fans we are.

It was our list of all spells to have ever existed with our own interpretational twists to it, some of which we only added for laughs.

Keep playing happy games and researching happy topics, and visit our website for more content on Harry Potter and other games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which one is the main spell in Harry Potter Spells?

Expelliarmus – the Disarming Charm.

What are the three deadliest spells on the Harry Potter Spells list?

Avada Kedavra, the Imperius Curse, and the Killing Curse.

Which one is the weakest and least useful spell?


Ranged Spell Attack 5E

Mage Armor 5E

Ring Of Spell Storing

Quickened Spell 5E

Spell Save DC 5E

Twinned Spell 5E

Spell Sniper 5E

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