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In this guide, we will discuss one of the most searched topics related to the spell in this article, wish spell 5e.

In times quite recently gamers all across the globe are coming to different knowledge about the lovely and stunning game known as Dungeons & Dragons.

The fan base of this game is growing to a huge extent and this game targets a very highly specific fan base which is the lovers of strategy and mind games.

This particular game has made the birth of a world that cannot have any connection with the real world we are living in.

A completely stunning imagination by the founders of the game and the virtual world of this game is totally a world that people want to live in their dreams and has got the attention of a huge number of people across the globe.

There are a variety of supernatural creatures who has the possession of different capabilities of their own self.

The different strong capabilities they possess give them a different essence than all the other characters and get them distinguished from each other also the features they possess in the case of physical looks and capabilities are totally distinguishable in some way or another.

Some Unique Things About DND 5e

Except for all the different creatures the variety of monuments and all the various things that create this incredible game helps get all the different players to be more interested and thrilled.

This virtual world strategy game offers gamers a great want of getting to know more deeply about the different aspects of this game with the urge of knowing about what is going to come new in the next stage or what feature is going to come next.

The other thing available in the game are the spells which are one of the most addictive features as this injects into the incredible strategy game a touch of magical element and makes the game even more likable for players around the globe.

In the whole write up we are going to give a detailed description of what is actually meant by spells and after that go into a greatly informative discussion regarding what the wish spell 5e is and the things you can do with the help of this spell.

What Is The Meaning Of Spells In The Dungeons And Dragons Fifth Edition?

The immense importance of knowing what is meant by a spell in the game will be very crucial for the readers because of not knowing fully.

The whole concept of spells clearly will make it really difficult for you to understand the concept of spell 5e which is the main topic of discussion of this whole thing that we are providing to you.

The element in the strategy game is the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth edition by which we mean spells, well the word itself has a touch of supernatural behavior in itself.

And for a fact the vibe we get of the supernaturalism in this particular word Spells is totally valid because that is the real purpose of it which is helping supernatural activities happen.

Spells are used to doing magic tricks either on your opponents or on your own troops or monuments.

There are various kinds of spells and each spell has different features and functions of its own.

The Strategy Of Using These Spells

wish spell 5e

Every one of these spells available in the game is to be utilized in a different manner so that the players can take or get the advantage in the strategic sense while playing this incredible strategy game.

Other than the building strategy of your base these different kinds of spells are also very crucial things for having a great advantage on the battlefield while playing the game.

Spells and especially wish spell 5e the most crucial part of the game and for you to be able to understand them is much more important.

You can totally assume or be sure that these spells are your strategy and troops are your power and the different manners you mix the use of your power and spells together is the strength.

Now it is all about spells this is time to get into the actual interesting topic of the article which is the D&D 5e wish spell and this is greatly crucial for you to understand.

About The Wish Spell In A Basic Manner

Wish is a word that we associate with our deepest and darkest fantasies. Everyone has a wish of their own. It is one of the things without which our lives would have been incomplete.

Wishes are something that we do not have but desire to have one day. We know that the wishes we have if they come true then it would be totally fantastic.

To be specific, wishes are something that we think about having someday come true and we want to have them.

Because it can get us to such a level of happiness that we will be the happiest person in the world. That is exactly what the wish spell 5e is all about.

It is considered to be the most powerful spell to be available in the game and this spell can help you achieve anything that you desire.

In the game the context is that you will speak all your wishes out loud then the game will try to fulfill the wish one way or another without any issues being faced.

There are a lot of things that you need to know about this spell and this is just the tip of the iceberg so wait and read till the end to understand each and every small detail about this.

The Different Effects Of Wish Spell 5e

wish spell 5e

The most basic utilization of this incredible magical element is to copy all other spells of the 8th level or a little bit lower.

You do not have any requirement to reach any level in that spell, which includes expensive Components.

This particular magical element basically takes Effect. On the other hand, you will be able to make one of the following effects of your different desires.

• You as a player of the game will be able to make an object which has a massive 25,000 GP in value and it might also be that this object is not a magic item.

The created object is not allowed to be more than 300 feet in any kind of dimension, and inside that object appears a free space that you will be able to see on the ground.

• You will be allowed to wish and create a total of twenty creatures that you can utilize to gain back all Hit Points, and the player is allowed to finish all kinds of damaging effects on them as we have come across in the Greater Restoration spell.

• You get the benefit of taking away the special damage resistance abilities of a maximum of ten creatures getting an immense amount of advantage on the battlefield.

• You can allow a maximum of ten creatures you can notice the resistance or immunity to a particular spell or any other magical effect for a total of eight hours. At the same time, you will be allowed to make yourself and all your teammates have a strong immune system to a Drain Attack of lich’s Life.

• You have an opportunity to reverse a single recently performed action by stabilizing a reverse roll of any role made within the previous round (including your last turn). The real thing that happens reshapes its own itself to accommodate the new consequence. For a brief explanation, a wish spell 5e can totally reverse an opponent’s successful save and turn it into a failure, a foe’s severe hit, or a friend’s failed attempt to save. You can pressure the reverse roll to be created with an upper hand or a weakness, and you can have the choice of whether to use the reverse roll or the original roll.

The Things You Can Impose

You may be allowed to accomplish things beyond The range of the before-mentioned examples. You have to scream your wish out loud to the DM as detailed as you intend to.

The DM has an immense amount and control of latitude in controlling what happens in such a moment, the more needy the wish, the more chances that the wish you made in that something will go wrong.

This spell might simply become a failure, the effective consequence of this spell that you want to get could only be partially accomplished, or There is a possibility that you will suffer an unforeseen consequence as an aftereffect of how you want the wish to be executed.

For an instance, if you wish that a villain was dead may take you forward in time to a time period when that particular person you wish was dead is no longer in existence, more precisely removing yourself from the game.

Just like that, desiring a great magic item or any kind of artifact may in a moment takes you to the presence of all the spell’s current owner.

The Disadvantages Of This Spell

wish spell 5e

The pressure that you go through because of casting the particular wish spell to create every effect except the copying of any other spell makes you weak.

After taking that pressure, every time you Cast a Spell until you finish a long pause of relaxation. At that time you take a total of 1d10 necrotic damage per level of that spell.

The amount of damage suffered cannot be minimized or countered in any way. For more to be added, your Strength drops by 3, if it is not equal to 3 or lower already, for 2d4 days.

For every one of those days that you are trying to spend resting and doing not even a thing more than light activity, your leftover recovery time decreases by a day or two.

Finally, there is a 33 percent probability that you are unable to cast a wish ever again if you suffer from this Stress.


We are successful in giving you all the information that is available about the wish spell 5e. This is the greatest spell in the game and has the potential of doing everything and achieving everything. This is one of the most used and important spells in the game.

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