Pathfinder Wizard Spells And Its Effects

Many things are important to be known. This article that we are writing or any of the available articles are not written with the idea that every person will know the basics of what we are talking about.

The articles are meant to provide information be it a person who is an expert on the subject and just wants to clarify whether the information that he or she has is correct or not. These articles will also help people who have no previous knowledge about the thing.

The topic that we will be covering today is pathfinder wizard spells but before jumping into it we will be giving some much-needed information that people with no previous knowledge need to know in order to understand the main thing of the topic crystal clearly.

First, we will go through the most basic things and explain all those basic things to you all and then we will be mentioning and describe all the different kinds of things that the wizard spells come with, and trust us it will not be boring at all because magic is something that fascinates everyone and the wizard spells pathfinder are full of unique and incredible magical elements and actions.

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The Contents Of This Article

Just so you all get a picture of what this article will contain we are providing a list in which all the things that will be mentioned and described in the article are available

  • Wizards- What do they actually are in this context?
  • Different things you need to know about the wizards
  • Statistical information about the wizards
  • Usage of the pathfinder wizard spells
  • Specialization of the spell schools
  • Spell list

Wizards- What They Are?

It is time to know all the things about what Wizards are. In most classes in the game, you will see that you spend most of your time waiting for your own exciting next upgrade.

You get your feat built in mind, but most of the time you do not start to shine until about in the way in the mid of the game.

Every level you pass your Wizard gets two new spells for free, and each other level he gets a fully new spell level to carry on with.

The diverse variety of choices you have with the Wizard is entertaining. Many other casters also get a similar every-level benefit, but the Wizard also possesses the ability of daily memorizing.

He draws power from an almost infinite pool of choices as an addition to his inventory. As a spell caster, you should be prepared for any situation.

Unlike the Bard or Sorcerer or Oracle, you never need to wait and wish that you have to choose a different spell in this level because in a matter of fifteen minutes you can very easily have the spell you need cast.

Strategy Of The Wizards

pathfinder wizard spells

The Wizard was the only class earlier that used Intelligence as his main power. I still feel like this particular class that is the wizards possesses the best ability to utilize Intelligence as a very deadly weapon. In fact, I would say that Wizards are the most intelligent.

They are strategists and supporters. Keeping all these things in mind, the most important and effective thing a Wizard can do is to support his party from the back on the battlefield.

While they are a powerful class, they have severe weak points, and they cannot be a replacement for your Cleric or your Fighter.

You can fill in the weak points, but that is not by making the wizards obsolete but by taking assistance from your team who will create a fully balanced army of fighters and clerics and your wizards will be the ones taking the fight from the back making the strategy effective enough to destroy any opponent that comes in the way.

Different Things You Need To Know About The Wizards

There are many crucial things that your need to know about the particular class we are talking about. Every class or unit has its own special traits and we are going to mention those in this part of the article.

The Best Currency Of The Class Wizard- Damage

Damage is the best way of ending any form of conflict. In the end, the final goal of most people is to cause a huge amount of damage.

You may not be good at the damage. At least, you are really good at doing damage on your own. You have a large number of damage options on your pathfinder wizard spell list: Fireball, Magic Missiles, and blast spells.

However, while a blast spell is cast in a room of opponents it might be extremely amazing, the resources you have are limited by a daily allotment basis of memorizations.

If you are going to fill your list up with blast spells you are going to be less effective because at some point you will go out of ammo pretty and that is a big worry.

Wizard Pathfinder Spells The Best Backup Fighters For Supporting The Front Line

We have been mentioned again and again in the article before that the wizards are not the units that you will be able to use as the frontline of your attack but you can use them as support for the more powerful troops because they possess immense intelligence.

There is a unit that is called a big stupid fighter in the game who does not possess any kind of intelligence. But they possess the ability to cause a lot of damage and are also resistant to a lot of damage.

So in that case you can use your wizard from the back to cast different pathfinder wizard spells on this group of big stupid fighters which will be a great thing and give them extra abilities to fight anything.

The most basic example will be using the haste spell which will help them move faster on the battlefield, help them cause extra damage, and do many more things.

The Wizards Are The Best Examples To Prove “Knowledge Is The Ultimate Power”

We have been mentioning good things about the part that the class of the wizard units possesses a high amount of intelligence.

They might not have the physical power and damage amount to stand against all the opponents in the front but intelligence is where the wizards leave every other unit behind and gets a big advantage.

Let us understand it with a real-life scenario, a person is possessing great skills in fighting but they have to fight a man who is bigger than him and more powerful than he is.

Now if the person thinks that he will just use his skills to fight not only a bigger but also a stronger opponent head-on then he will surely lose but instead, if he makes a good strategy then it is sure that he has great chances of winning.

We see these things in the mixed martial arts world many times a fighter will try to get their stronger opponent exhausted and then at the peak of exhaustion they will strike so hard that they will win.

The wizard is that fighter with less physical power but a unit that can be perfectly used in good strategies. The pathfinder wizard spells help them a lot in maintaining this reputation of theirs.

Statistical Information About The Wizards

We have come through the hypothetical situations about the wizards now it is time that we know about the numbers.

This will help us to make things simple as it will be easier for us to understand how effective the pathfinder best wizard spells actually are.

Let us waste no time and dive into it. First, we start from the basic hit points that the wizards possess is not as great as you had expected and also the amount of damage they can do is not great.

These things must be clear by now because we have mentioned many times that intelligence is the place where wizards outplay most of the other units on the battlefield and if we talk about intelligence wizards have the highest level of intelligence in the whole game.

They use this intelligence to make a deadly impact against the opponent on the battlefield and also the fact that they have the most effective and powerful magic thanks to their pathfinder sorcerer wizard spells that they can also assist other troops from the back and help them in making the attack more impactful and deadly.

Usage Of The Pathfinder Wizard Spells

pathfinder wizard spells

In this part of the article, we are going to classify the pathfinder kingmaker wizard spells into different categories which will help you, in turn, to understand the spells clearly and the role of each and every spell that the wizards possess.

There is no limit to how many spells a wizard can prepare pathfinder so we are going to give a different type of classification. The different classifications of pathfinder sorcerer wizard spells are as follows:


The term buff is a term most people have come across at some point so it is not that hard to understand.

The wizards when they cast a spell of this category will help the troops of your team get better at what they do best. Give your team an instant advantage on the battlefield.


This is something that does not put any effect on the units of your team but helps in weakening the units of your opposition side.

Decreasing their speed and damage and other abilities gives a very noticeable disadvantage for your opponent and crumbling them.

Battlefield Control

This is a mix of the buff and debuff. It does not put effect directly the troops of the opposition or your team but instead creates situations either to give a disadvantage of terrain to your opponents directly putting your team on the benefitting side.


This is a very crucial category of spells. It helps you to do fast and more effective damage towards the enemy and if the enemy wants to defend they have to use a lot of resources which is their disadvantage.

Save or Die

This is another category that is much like the debuff category. One thing that is bad about this category is that unless it is executed perfectly it will be a total fail and that is why it is a save or Die spell.

Blast Spells

Just by the name you can understand, it is pretty straightforward. These are the spells that directly cause damage to your opponent making them panic.

Utility Spells

This is not the category of spell that is used as frequently as the others. It is not much effective and is used as the last resort if there is no hope of winning.

The Pathfinder Wizard Spells

pathfinder wizard spells

There are many spells that wizards can cast. We are not going to mention all of them but we are going to mention the best 1st level wizard spells pathfinder and mention in which category of the above-mentioned category of spells they fall in.

  • Adjuration- This spell lies in the save or Die category of spells in the game.
  • Alarm- This spell lies in the buff category of spells in the game.
  • Endure elements- This spell lies in the buff category of spells in the game.
  • Hold portal- This spell lies in the debuff category of spells in the game.
  • Peace Bond- This spell lies in the debuff category of spells in the game.
  • Stone Shield- This spell lies in the buff category of spells in the game.
  • Stumble gap- This spell lies in the buff category of spells in the game.
  • Summon minor monster- This spell lies in the debuff category of spells in the game.
  • Web bolt- This spell lies in the blast spell category of spells in the game.
  • Mount- This spell lies in the utility category of spells in the game.


Given above is all the information for a new player who wants to play the role of a spell caster on the battlefield. The pathfinder wizard spells are complicated to understand just by reading so you have to utilize them in different attacks and you will be able to understand them more clearly.

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