DND Mind Sliver 5e Guide

Welcome, spell casters; the mind sliver 5e cantrip is here as another painful headache to your enemies!

Though it might not appear to be the most painful spell to harm your enemies, like other spells, namely mind spike and others, which do more psychic damage, mine slivers can still be pretty harmful and brutal.

This spell is used by warlocks, sorcerers, and wizards. In this article, we will share some advantageous knowledge about Mind sliver.

Mind sliver, an exclusive but underrated cantrip that can be useful for debuffing your enemies, acts as a reward for your excellent, intelligent teamwork, and has some great advantageous platonic favors to do to the warlocks, wizards, and sorcerers!

About Dnd 5e Mind sliver

Casting Time: 1 Action

Duration: Instantaneous

Range/Area: Within 60 ft.

Level: 0 (cantrip)

School: Enchantment

Class: Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

Attack or Save: Intelligence Save

Damage or Effect: Psychic, Debuff

Components: V

Spell Description

You actually drive a disorienting spike of psychic energy into the mind of a creature that you can see within a range. The target should make an intelligence-saving throw.

Unless the saving throw is successful, then that target should take 1d6 psychic damage, and even the first time it makes a saving throw before the end of your next turn, it should roll a d4 and must subtract a number rolled from a save.

This spell’s damage increases by 1d6 when you reach certain levels: 5th level (2d6), 11th level (3d6), and 17th level (4d6).

Spell Levels

Thus it can be made out that when the damage is at :

1st level – At 1st level, The damage the spell causes is at 1d6. The minimum damage caused is 1, the average damage is 3.5, and the maximum damage at the 1st level is 6.

5th level – When the level increases to 5th, the dice damage increases to 2d6. The minimum damage is 2, the average damage is 7, and the maximum damage is 12.

11th level – Moving to level 11, the Dice damage again increases by 1d6, resulting in 3d6. Here the minimum damage is also increased by 1, equal to the minimum damage being 3, average damage being 10.5, and maximum being 18.

17th level – Lastly, when in the 17th level, the spell’s damage reaches 4d6. The minimum damage is 4, the average damage is 14, and the maximum damage is 24.

Working of Mind sliver 5e

mind sliver 5e

Mind silver 5E was introduced to the rules as a new introduction in the part of Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything. It has been made available for use by the wizard, warlock, and sorcerer as well as for some of the subclasses.

A wizard can read it inside any ancient tome, and the process of learning it is the same as how they had learned to cast the firebolt spell.

Mind sliver is a damaging psychic option that lets you target your prey within a radius of 60 feet.

It allows you to make an intelligence saving throw, and failing to save; you will be able to cause a 1d6 psychic damage, which keeps on increasing at higher levels and subtract or reduce a 1d4 from the next saving throw they will make before the end of your next turn.

Since it is a cantrip, you can use it without wasting your spell slots. The damage caused by a mind silver scales up along with the increase in the levels of the character so as to keep peace at higher levels of the play and ensure the interest of the spell casters is maintained.

How to use Mind Sliver 5e to achieve better outcomes?

Do you want to make the best use of the mind sliver available in your next DnD game session?

Then there are some tips you can use to have the best results and make the most use of the mind-sliver spell available.

Get another spell caster in your squad

An intelligent way to get the most benefit of the mind sliver spell is by setting up another spell caster of your group who possesses some of the important save-or-suck spells and getting them lined up.

Control effects like Cause Fear or things like Toll To Death are both regarded as powerful combos with mind slivers.

Combine mind sliver 5e with other types of saving throw debuffs

mind sliver 5e

If you really want your target to fail to save the throw, a great way to do so is to use mind sliver by combining it with other saving throw debuffs, which have a similar kind of effect.

For example, combining it with things like the Bane spell, Shadow Magic Sorcerer’s Hound of Ill Omen feature (XGtE 51), or the Sorcerer’s Heightened Spell Metamagic (PHB 102), to name among others, can be used.

Use the sorcerer’s exclusive quickened spell to get immediate benefits

The quickened spell allows a sorcerer to make a spell that has the casting time of 1 action turn into a spell of bonus action.

So when using this, you can simply cast a mind sliver, weaken this saving throw capacity and follow it up with another saving throw-based spell.

For better results, use a twinned spell to debuff your enemies

To create a greater effect and amount of damage, use a successfully twinned mind sliver 5e and then a fireball and cause irreparable damage to your enemy.

Use a mind sliver by combining it with a spell that requires making repeated saving throws

Spells like Cause Fear or Hold Person have a persistent effect which allows the target to make saving throws so as to break the effect constantly.

Mind sliver can be used as a great weapon to improve the chances that these powerful spells will have lasting effects for longer.

Pros and cons of Mind Sliver 5e Spell


  • Sliver 5e, combined with another caster as a combination 1-2 punch, gives the best results and can be an interesting option.
  • The damage that the spell causes is not the main attraction or the reason to use this spell; rather, the weakness or the debuff that this cantrip causes is the main central feature for which people prefer to use this.
  • You can use a Mind sliver as a great option in hand to throw just before a party member can drop a big save-or-suck spell of ability.


  • The foremost downside of the mind silver spell is that the damage caused to the enemy is not too powerful.
  • Though the power and ability that the spell possesses increases as the levels go up to 5, 11, and 17, the damage can not keep pace with the other available spells at those levels.
  • If you use it to cause high damage instead of using it as a saving throw, then there are probably better options on the list to use to attain such a purpose.

Does the mind sliver spell stack?

mind sliver 5e

Yes. According to the rules for combining magical effects, ‘The effects of different spells add together while the durations of those spells overlap.

Suppose, if a character finds itself under the spell of both mind sliver and Bane, after failing to save itself, then under its effect, they would have to subtract 2d4 from the next saving throw that they would make before the next turn of the mind sliver caster.


Mind sliver 5e spell is a fun and interesting cantrip. Though its damage will not be as brutal and harsh as a few others in the game, it can still be an incredibly good option to debuff your enemy.

If you have found our article useful, share it with your DnD group mates and other friends and let them also take the exclusive benefits of mind silver 5e.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Can mind silver be used for having a twinned spell effect?

Absolutely yes! For any concerned spell which is to be twinned using Metamagic, it can only be used so as to affect a single target.

Using a mind sliver can only debuff or damage a single target when used efficiently, so it can be considered a candidate for the twinned spell effect.

Who are the classes that can cast the mind sliver 5e spell?

The presence of mind silver in the spell list can be noticed in the case of – Sorcerer, Wizard, and warlock.

The subclass, psionics-focused Sorcerer (Aberrant Mind), also gets access to use the mind silver spell as it is available for free in their spell list.

What is meant by the duration of Mind sliver being Instantaneous?

The duration of the mind sliver being instantaneous means that the spell’s effect ends as soon as it is manifested. Therefore, concentration is not required when casting a spell of mind silver.

Who can be targeted with the mind sliver 5e spell?

Mind sliver dnd 5e can be incredibly useful to target absolutely almost anyone. Since its attack or save is an intelligent save, intelligence lies in the minimal or the lowest average ability score among all the creatures present in DnD. So, it is obvious that a mind sliver could be used in most situations.

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