Studded Leather Armor 5E In Dungeons And Dragons

We are going to specifically talk about the studded leather Armor 5e but before that, we should discuss what makes Armors such significant in the game.

You might be a player who has been playing the Dungeons and Dragons Fifth edition for quite a long time now or you might even be the newest player who is on their way to becoming the brave fighter in the game in this fantasy world of Dungeons And Dragons.

As you upgrade yourself in the game there will be a lot of new things that will be unlocking and you can use those exciting things.

But certain things are the basics of the game and you always have to keep your eyes on those things.

One such thing is the Armor you possess.

What is the purpose of Armor in Dungeons and Dragons Fifth edition?

Armor will be available for your character from the beginning of the game. Armors are of great significance in the game because these Armors are the greatest part of your defense against your enemy.

These Armor will help minimize the damage that you acquire after taking a hit from your enemy.

So, it matters what Armor you have against your enemy as it gives a lot of knowledge about which side the fight is going to go.

With every level, you upgrade yourself in the game you also will need to upgrade your Armor to keep up a great fight at the higher levels.

At the beginning of the game though the best quality Armor you are going to have a chance to unlock is the Studded Leather Armor 5e and this Armor is the main topic of our discussion in this content.

What is a Studded Leather Armor?

studded leather armor 5e

In the game Dungeons and Dragons, Fifth edition Armor is classified into 3 different categories weight-wise.

The three categories have their own advantages and disadvantage which are light, medium, and heavy armor.

Leather Armor is the type of Armor that comes under the category of light Armor. If we look at the statistics, then your character’s Dexterity modifier in the game plus 12 is the Armor class of the D&D 5e Studded Leather Armor.

This makes the studded leather armor slightly better than the regular leather armor. The regular leather armor has an Armor class of 11 plus the dexterity modifier of your in-game character.

This slight difference results in a huge difference if you can use this 1 extra Armor class point to your advantage properly.

The studded leather armor D&D 5e has a total weight of 13 pounds. So, this makes it a bit heavier than the regular leather armor in the game which is generally seen to be weighing around 10 pounds.

Weight is not an issue though. Only if you are playing a high-level realistic game and you have to keep track of everything very accurately then you might want to trade some protection for weight if you are particularly using the studded leather Armor 5e.

Now about the cost of this extremely great armor, it comes at a high cost. But you should be happy to know that you can get it pretty easily.

In the basic player’s handbook in the game, the cost of this armor is almost 45 gold. This is the cost in the standard location.

Obviously depending on where you are and what you are doing the cost can be lower or higher inside the game.

Most of the time if you do not start the game with that much gold in your pocket then after you complete your first adventure you will earn enough to cover all the costs.

Where can players find the Studded Leather Armor 5e?

studded leather armor 5e

There are quite a lot of different ways in which you can achieve this armor for yourself in the game.

We are going to discuss all the ways you can get the Armor in the game and the processes will include buying the armor and also the other ways like finding it or some class-based specialty in the game.

  • If you want to buy the these Armor 5e from the handbook of the game then do not look at the other Armors at all. Because you see the cost of the regular leather armor which is 10 GP you might think that 45 gold for the other is a little unreasonable. But we tell you that it is totally reasonable and the cost difference is because it creates situations where Armor helps define and save you from death in the hands of the opponent and so it is best for you if you go with the best light Armor for yourself in the game.
  • In the game, there are different classes and backgrounds. Some of the classes and backgrounds are given the capability of starting the game with light armor for themselves. Among these classes are the Clerics, Bards, Barbarians, Fighters, Druids, Rogues, Rangers, Paladins, and Warlocks. So, if you start as one of these classes in the game, then defensive statistics will be high on your side on using this studded Armor 5e.
  • Other than buying the class-based armor you can also get this armor while you are going through normal gameplay. First of all this armor is a standard item in the game and this means that every blacksmith can basically sell this Armor to you. Additionally, you can fight bandits in the game after killing those bandits you can take that Armor off of their bodies for yourself. What is the meaning of such good Armor on the body of someone who cannot really be protected from anything anymore? So, this is a way you can get the Armor free of cost in the game while enjoying the main part of the gameplay.
  • Also, you can have in possession some craft tools for yourself. With the help of those tools you possess you will have to craft your own leather armor. This can be trickier than the other processes of acquiring the armor that we just mentioned. Crafting in the game is something that requires a lot of items and also a lot of communication as there are not many different unique specific sets of rules that a player had to follow for crafting their own Armor or even weapon in the game. So, we suggested you go with the other three options because this one is really tricky.

Which creatures benefit the most from studded leather Armor 5e?

For beginners, it will be hard for them to understand that every Armor is not for every kind of creature in the game.

Some statistics-based calculation is done to know which things fit the ability of which class of creatures and you have to have a piece of great knowledge about the game to know that.

Just for helping you, we are going to give you the best creatures on which you should try using the D&D 5e studded leather armor 5e for benefitting the most in the game.


This class of creatures that is the rogues have a lot of proficiency while trying to move and do their actions while wearing light armor.


Just like the rogues, the bards also have all the same things in common with them which makes them the perfect candidate for this particular glamoured studded leather armor 5e. We totally recommend you try using the Armor on them.


Warlocks are magic spell-casting creatures like totally different from the previous two we have mentioned in the list.

They have low hit points but extreme intelligence and are mainly used as the backbone of the army in the game.

Their high dexterity modifier also helps these creatures as the Armor Class points are added to the dexterity modifier. Giving Warlocks more defense and helping them survive much longer than expected.

Magical Leather Armor

studded leather armor 5e

These magical items come with a much higher level of benefits and many points increased to them. For the Armor class point of the magical version is much more than the normal version.

Also, it might help the creature make faster movement than they would have made in the normal armor. These differences help a lot in the battleground and can turn the tables easily.


These are all the things in detail that we know about the studded leather Armor 5e. Each and every piece of information will be helpful to you starting from where to find the Armor to which creatures the Armor will be most effective on.

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