Faerie Fire 5E In Dungeons And Dragons?

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Dungeons and Dragons (often known as DnD or D&D) is a fantasy tabletop game that includes role-playing.

This game is quite different from other traditional war games as it allows every player to make their character instead of forming a military group.

In this game, there are many fantasy creatures of your opponent whom you need to defeat by using various spells. Teenagers mostly love this kind of action game.

What is Faerie Fire?

According to the user manual of the game, the Faerie Fire 5e spell is a first-level evocation spell that has a casting time of one action. It has a range of 60 feet and its duration if of one minute with concentration.

Any object which is within a 20 feet cube range is outlined with blue, violet, or green light (it’s completely your choice). Any creature that is in the area is also outlined when the spell is cast only if it fails a Dexterity saving throw.

For that certain duration, all the objects and the creatures affected by the spell shed dim light in a 10-foot radius. Firstly, it requires an action to cast in a sixty feet radius and needs only a vocal component.

This spell usually lasts up to one minute but it requires to be concentrated on. This 1st level evocation spell can be cast by Bards and Druids and during that time, they make the 20 feet outline.

Anything that is inside the radius, will be outlined in blue, green, or violet light. Creatures inside this outlined radius need to make the Dexterity saving throw or stay outlined as they are.

The creatures begin to shine for a ten-foot radius. The attacks made against them get an upper hand as the creatures cannot turn invisible anymore.

Basically, the DnD 5e Faerie Fire spell outlines the creatures and any object with light making it easier to see and hit. This may seem like it’s just an advantage for the attack roll, but some other tricks can be done when this spell is used by the caster.

As the spell lasts for ten rounds, each round having six seconds for a single round of combat, you have a ten-round advantage on your target.

While you are fighting a massive enemy with huge amounts of AC and quite a large hit point pool, the extra ten rounds that you get will be of great advantage to you. You will be able to cut through the AC and tear down the enemy.

How does Invisibility Works in 5e?

faerie fire 5e

The invisibility spell is one of the greatest spells when you can use it. But it becomes very disadvantageous for you when your enemy uses it against you and you cannot counter it.

It becomes impossible for you to see the characters and whatever those characters are carrying. 

But this Invisibility spell drops if you cast another spell or attack anyone. There is another version of this spell which is known as the greater invisibility spell.

This spell lasts for all ten rounds which can make the battle against the foes much harder as your opponent cannot see or attack any invisible character.

Invisible stalkers, giant chameleons, pixies, and some demons will be able to become invisible in the base game. Also, any creatures can be edited so that they can become invisible just by changing some stats.

Thus to counter the Invisibility or Greater Invisibility spell, the D&D 5e Faerie Fire Spell can be used.

How to use Faerie Fire to counter Invisibility?

The Invisible creatures can be detected often through sound or smell, even if you are not able to see them.

If you use the faerie fire 5e spell on the area where you suspect the presence of an invisible creature, it will illuminate that place and expose them, thus cutting off all their advantages.

This spell can also be used in any combat area that will illuminate any invisible creatures lurking around in the shadows.

Most of these creatures or monsters have average dexterity modifiers. But if you improve your level or increase your spell save DC, you will easily be able to counter them.

This will allow you to turn the tide while you are fighting large battles against invisible creatures. Once you can see them, you will be able to hit them. Thus this spell is a very important one while you are fighting against the invisible creatures.

How to use Faerie Fire against Darkness?

faerie fire 5e

Maximum races in Dungeons and Dragons have the dark vision ability or some spell that allows them to create light. Similarly, you might fall into some areas where the normal ways of producing light won’t work effectively.

5e Faerie Fire Spell not only illuminates objects but also gives you an advantage by causing them to create a dim light.

This very dim light is enough to help you counter the dark. It makes the even pieces get illuminated and work as lanterns while you a struggling to get back into the light. The faerie fire spell is wonderful if you find yourself too much in the dark.

How to flavor the Faerie Fire spell?

If you want to modify the Faerie Fire 5e spell, you can do many things to flavor the spell. For beginners, the color of the spell is either blue or green, or violet. But you can talk with your DM and make it of any color. You may have a favorite color of your own.

Since the changes that you make are cosmetic, your DM will not be having any objections. Since you just need a vocal command to cast the spell, you can say whatever you want to cast the Faerie Fire spell depending on the character.

Using the Faerie Fire spell defensively

Although this spell is an offensive spell, it is not always necessary to use it to attack or counter against your enemy. This spell can also be used in a defensive role as well. Every creature including your own needs to make a dexterity save.

If you are using a high AC Paladin and they fail to save themselves either by rolling poorly or by their own choice, then they will gain an advantage.

Enemies will mainly leave the weaker opponents alone and begin to attack the ones with higher AC and tank creatures with high health.

This allows the bards, druids, and wizards to attack from a longer range if your tank is able to take the damage caused by your opponent.

You will never be willing to talk about this strategy to your teammates at first. The best time to cast Faerie Fire is when you are surrounded by your enemies.

This move of yours will shock the enemy. You also need to be careful while casting the spell as you have to know where to cast it because everyone needs dexterity to save.

How well does Faerie Fire spell Scale?

faerie fire 5e

In a maximum number of cases, the 1st level spells become useless very quickly when you get the spells of higher levels.

The Faerie Fire 5e Spell is very useful for small moments but the typically low-level spells are not used for large battles too often. But this spell can be used in any level of battle as it is very useful at all levels.

The Faerie Fire spell counters invisibility puts all your characters in an advantageous position, and also lasts for a long period of ten rounds.

This guaranteed advantage is useful all the time especially if you are fighting against a large demon or monster in the late game. Those ten rounds will be good enough for you to defeat them.

Additionally, it only requires a slot of a 1st level spell which allows you to use this numerous times at the higher level fights, thus providing you the same advantages without the need to use high-level spell slots. It is an excellent spell that is used by most of the players also in the end phase of the game.


Thus coming to the end we can conclude that the Faerie Fire 5e spell is an excellent spell to use in almost every phase of the game, be it the early stage or the end stage of the game.

It is a very useful spell against invisibility and darkness spell. This provides you with a huge advantage in the game if you are able to use it wisely.


Is Faerie Fire useful against Invisibility?

Yes, this spell helps you to illuminate invisible creatures.

Is Faerie Fire useful against Darkness?

As the Faerie Fire’s light won’t be stopped by the Darkness, it will illuminate anything in its range.

Can the Faerie Fire spell damage the opponent?

This spell, when used, decreases the armor health of the target and does not allows the target to run away or go into stealth mode.

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